KID 606
Twirl EP
Record label: Force Inc. (Germany)
Format: 12"
Release date: March 2001

Shame on me: I still haven't picked up Kid 606's last album. P.S. I Love You is a vital release - one in which the Kid does an about face from his usual brain-bleeding noisefests and builds upon the seasoned ambience started on his Soccergirl EP. Kind of strange being introduced to that album through this remix 12-inch, and even more so since these mixes are dance floor compatible. Twerk's Ukelele remix of "whereweleftoff" uses the Rice Krispies method of making beats: pieced together from snaps, crackles, and pops. That rhythmic contradiction of "less is more" can definitely be applied here, even though it sounds so busy. Metronome clicks propel Farben's remix of "sometimes," sounding like a needle stuck in a groove, awash in tuned white noise. Mr. 606 gets in on the act with new versions of "together" and "twirl." The former is a beat-driven head nodder, minimal and mature, ambitiously bouncing off the walls. "twirl" is more direct in its approach: a Cuisinart blade rotates at 135 beats per minute and slices up shards of flamenco guitar. Matmos also remixes "twirl" by using their photo shoot as the setting. Stuttering sections of speech and clicks of camera shutters rub up against guitar samples. Sound strange? Keep in mind that these guys put out an album recently that makes tech-house out of the sounds of liposuction. (And they just wrapped up work on Björk's new album? Anticipation makes the heart grow fonder…)

{steve crognale}

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