Meat Machine Broadcast System
Record label: Planet Mu (UK)
Format: CD
Release date: 3 September 2001

Some people have decided to hate on hardcore techno no matter how good it is...THIS REVIEW IS NOT FOR YOU. For those of you that still need proof that there are some original thinkers in the genre, check out the new Hellfish CD. It's a compilation of his various singles released over time - a varied yet primal mix of old school hip-hop samples, turntablist flash, beats chopped up jungle style, and bass kicks drilling a hole in your head. Proof of the difference is in the cuts themselves, like "Radical Digital" and "Bring On The Hurricane Pain" framing their fury around Public Enemy and L.L. Cool J (respectively). It's immediately noticeable in "Emperoronics" and "Speed Drinking," where lightning fast rhythms get sliced into Julienne fries. Still, nothing beats the basic stompfests of "Ripper" and "Man vs. Machine" - just plain brutal. Rob Gee, eat your heart out.

{steve crognale}

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