Record label: Codek
Format: 12"
Release date: April 2000

Know this, people: Codek Records delivers the bona fide intergalactic global groove for the new millennium. The Cosmic Rocker Sasha Crnobrnja (pronounced "SIR-NO-BURN-JAH," for those who are wondering) and Zeb produced all four cuts on this 12-inch. "Sublime Porkrinds" is a vinyl exclusive, an insane mixture of folk guitar strums, acidic squelches, and head-nodding rhythms. The other three tracks are revamped versions of songs found on their Organic Grooves 2 CD. "Southeast Chinese Discotheque" slows things down with airy electronic chimes and Chinese instrumentation atop a drum machine generating beats from within a canyon. A remix of "Cyber-Christ-Electro-Messiah" could serve as a great way to open a deep house set or make things interesting in the chill out area. An edited version of "Electronic Hillbilly" closes this out with bongos aplenty stretched over dub reggae. There is no one else as serious about incorporating all the musics of the earth as Codek. NO ONE.

{chloe knuckles}
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