"Special Cases"
Record label: Virgin (UK)
Format: 12"
Release date: 25 February 2003

Although I have yet to sample the latest Massive Attack album with my own ears, I did sit down with remixes for “Special Cases,” featuring Sinead O’Connor on vocals. Remix support is lent by two of the best in the experimental/tech house departments: Marc LeClair a.k.a. Akufen and Vladislav Delay (appearing here as Luomo). The Akufen remix is a bit unexpected, as LeClair races down a minimal two-step speedway. Laser beam thin drum kicks thump at your temples while Sinead’s pipes dance over and around the beat. With a running time of ten minutes, it is only halfway through that Akufen aficionados are rewarded with his trademark vocal cut-ups. O’Connor’s voice is scattered aural confetti soon afterwards. On the flip side, Luomo plays it cool with midtempo tech house. Whereas the vocals are mostly intact on Akufen’s version, Luomo constantly, punches them in and out of the mix, adding echo effects and stretching them out. Like much of his work, it’s another sexy offering from Mr. Delay.

{cali ginseng}

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