Technology Is Lonely
Record label: Anticipate Recordings
Format: CD
Release date: 6 May 2003

Ezekiel’s debut full-length is a quiet introduction to not just another bedroom musician, but a gifted ear among minimal electronic music makers. While the album contains moments of isolation and contemplation, these songs aren’t cold and impersonal (a stigma commonly forced upon digitally generated sounds). Beneath the clicks, cuts, whirrs, and hums of each track beat a warm heart, a curious mind, and a slightly shy and awkward spirit. Without the need for three verses, a chorus, and a bridge, the sounds that make up Ezekiel’s music create aural interpretations of the mundane occurrences of daily life, as well as what’s happening around us while we’re asleep. Songs like “escaping the suit,” “juxtapose,” “love session,” and “fields” seem wrapped in various emotions: the overwhelming need for a change in routine, seeking out that elusive moment’s peace to yourself, or the butterflies in your stomach that appear when your soul mate smiles at you. All of this is open to debate, of course, but you will come away with something. From bouncing and quirky click house to midtempo ambience washing over a center of muted dub, Technology Is Lonely makes the case that heartfelt grooves are not a contradiction in terms. The proof is no further away than your headphones.


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