Record label: The Agriculture
Format: CD
Release date: 15 September 2003

Considering how long DJ Olive has been spinning records and making music (perhaps best known for his work with the group WE), itís hard to believe that heís just getting around to releasing his solo full-length. Crazy thing is if you played Bodega for most people, they would probably think that itís a mix CD. Besides, who in their right mind would slap so many sounds together on one album and deliberately have the selections run into each other? But this is the method to the Audio Janitorís madness: unclogging the kitchen sink for a multicultural flush of varied rhythms, breaks, and bass lines. This is the perfect album for that friend of yours who gets bored easily; the changes come so often that theyíre bound to stay interested if they keep their ears open. The sum total of Bodega is the equivalent of standing on a Brooklyn street corner listening to passing cars and boomboxes blasting tunes simultaneously. Dub and dancehall, Brazilian and breakbeats, hip-hop, soul, and funk all have their say. Patterns introduce themselves briefly only to reappear twelve tracks later and ask, ďRemember me?Ē And letís not get it twisted: this album is for the ass, so shake what your mama gave ya and let your brain take a much-needed vacation. To point out individual tracks would be absurd since this album behaves more like a mix CD (and outshines most of them, by far). Need beats for the jeep? Keep Bodega on crunk.

{chloe knuckles}

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