Different Shades of Honey
Record label: !K7
Format: CD
Release date: 12 February 2002

When Richard Dorfmeister isnít forming the other half of the dub-fueled heart that is Kruder & Dorfmeister, heís creating music with Rupert Huber as Tosca. This offering is actually a remix album featuring several interpretations of their single "Honey." Now youíre probably thinking what I first thought: How can hearing the same song 13 different ways hold my interest? Seeing as how anything involving Dorfmeister isnít boring, Tosca wouldnít let just anyone remix their work. Only the cream of the crop for this project: Faze Action, Funky Lowlifes, Biggabush, Only Child, and many more drop by the studio to work their own dub magic on Toscaís single. Pay special attention to the Biggabush, Organic Audio, Azoia, Only Child, and Supatone 2 versions, ranging from head-nodding to butt-shaking to slow and super sexy hip swivel music.

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RealAudio samples:
Biggabush Dub ||| Only Child Dub ||| Organic Audio ||| Azoia Dub ||| Supatone 2 Dub
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