Overlap E.P.
Record label: Planet E Communications
Format: 12"
Release date: 16 October 2002

Todd Sines puts together three tracks of dubby, deep tech house featuring the lovely, sultry vocals of Natacha Labelle. "Come Closer" and "I Can't" are nice, minimal, vocal laden bits that could work just as well on the floor as they do on the couch. The vocals complement the sparseness of the melody and the percussion well, and allow the music to breathe without trying too hard, as the vocals pick up the slack. "Skin" has some spoken vocals, rather than sung, but is my least favorite of the three, as it sounds a bit too much like a prototype for dubby techno. Maybe coincidentally, maybe not, it says on the record sleeve that this track was written on a flight from SFO to DTW. The e.p. is closed out by Moonstar's broken dub remix of "Come Closer," which includes the main vocal phrase and some of the melody of the original and otherwise is laid back West London style breakbeats. Overall, this is a nice set of tracks for your deep sets or your deep nights at home.

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