"Jaaz Airport"
Record label: Ism
Format: 12"
Release date: November 2001

I have always been impressed with Takuya’s ability to take styles from different areas of the musical spectrum and make a sound all his own. It’s wonderful when someone classically trained doesn’t find it robbery to get into a scene dominated with DJs, samplers, turntables, and effects. Wonderful creations tend to happen as a result. “Jaaz Airport” certainly counts as an example, the perfect comedown track we yearn for in such stressful and unsure times as these. Just the opening notes pierce Heaven’s horizon; afterwards, we find ourselves safe in the bosom of downtempo house. For a real kick in the pants, check out the remix by Charlie Dark of Attica Blues. Anybody on the “nujazz” bandwagon should stop and thank those guys for getting the ball rolling long before it became the underground flavor of the month. The irregular beat is the driving force – time’s up for the usual 4/4. Takuya’s trumpet riffs wrap ribbons around this gift of future soul. “Namidame” takes us home with new school dancehall. A dubby core with muted trumpet duets and the occasional vocal punch-in. A classy affair, but prime for the hip grinders. Can’t wait for this man’s full-length to drop this year...

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