Formfree EP
Record label: Esho
Format: 12"
Release date: 15 January 2002

Esho continues on their steady string of deep house movers for the clubs. This EP marks Esho’s debut for Sean Thomas, a native of Philly. But Sean’s no new jack – he’s been in this for a while doing remixes and production alongside Pete Moss (a bonafide talent in his own right) and has released tracks on several different labels, including his own (Sound Between Movement). The Formfree EP is a gorgeous three-track slice of heaven with a boatload of soul. “Up Change” is an immediate favorite with an oceanic bass line and light, skittering percussion surrounding a pounding beat. “Playmake” takes things down a notch, focusing on the sensitive and quieter sides of the groove. Rhythmic taps rotate and click within a dub house bubble. The EP closes out on the upswing with “Free Thing.” A bottom heavy kick drum takes center stage as ghostly synth pads and equally mysterious vocals accentuate the ride. In short, Sean Thomas can rock his magic on my turntable any time he pleases.

{cali ginseng}
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