Boolean Logic
Record label: The Agriculture
Format: 2x12"/CD
Release date: mid-May 2002

Kacy Wiggins has made an album that should be required listening for a Monday morning, theme music for those of us just trying to get through the day. Recording as qpe (quiet personal electronics), Boolean Logic is an album of simple downtempo tracks that work wonders, massaging the brain and soothing the soul. As the album began to take hold, I realized how much complex, constantly fluctuating music I listen to, and how nice it is to hear something completely opposite for a change. Sometimes it's necessary to listen to music that doesn't require much from you, something to regulate you, to offer support. It was that sense of relaxation that attracted me to downtempo in the first place.

qpe's music is intuitive without feeling the need to show off its intelligence, always searching for moments of introspection. Aside from the darkness and despair hinted at in "More Gavin Less McLeod," the album strives to find the positive in the mundane and reaffirms the presence of hope for something better. Not everyone will hear all of this in Boolean Logic, but notes say more than words ever could. This is precisely what makes the simplicity of qpe's work so deceptive: his ability to say more with less. Listen to "Drown," "Wheel," "Devil May Care," and "Until" for lessons in rhythmic economics.


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