Record label: Karmis
Format: CD5
Release date: 1 October 2002

Here's a revelation for you: It's okay to be a P.M. Dawn fan again. You can admit to liking that song of theirs from a decade ago that sampled Spandau Ballet. You can admit to being somewhat upset when KRS-ONE and his entourage interrupted one of their shows, bullied them offstage, and had the nerve to start performing. You can admit to wondering what they've been up to all these years, and how they could have four albums out and a new one on the way without you knowing about it. I don't expect urban radio to catch on to their new single, which is a shame because "Amnesia" would fit quite well in between artists like India Arie, Glenn Lewis, and Jill Scott. Truth be told, P.M. Dawn was never really about rap music (although sometimes they used some of its flavor within their songs) - they were more about soul. Not only that, but they were all about this "neo-soul" thing ten years prior and they didn't have to call it such. Tell an urban radio programmer that and they'll probably put a bounty on your head.

The first single from their upcoming album, "Amnesia" is a soothing and warm track about identity (or lack thereof). Prince Be's vocal harmonies are stronger than ever and the melody bounces and clicks with the ease of today's young soul artists, so they're right in step with what's going on musically. Or rather, everyone else is in step with them. (Remember what I said about a bounty?) The single also includes the non-LP cut, "Being Nowhere." It's the aural equivalent of floating on a cloud. Quiet, comfortable and angelic, vocals and music achieve the sonic bliss that has driven them throughout their career. With all of the chaotic situations happening in our world, now is as good a time as any to start giving a damn about Prince Be and JC The Eternal. And when you come around, be sure to apologize for being away as long as you have been.

{cali ginseng}

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