Partymix Volume One
Record label: Playgroup Recordings (UK)
Format: CD
Release date: October 2002

A few months ago, I was sittin' pretty in my cubicle at work. The days didn't seem so bad as long as I could hear some new music. Between the archives at WFMU and, I was listening to some incredible radio shows and mix sets, including one by Mr. Trevor Jackson, brainchild behind the Playgroup project. (The self-titled album was released to great fanfare earlier this year.) Somewhere along the way, the tech staff at my job beefed up the firewalls and I was back to lugging in small arsenals of CDs again. No more radio shows, significantly less mix sets. I was upset. They had taken away my ability to fire up that Playgroup mix, never to bring rays of sunshine over my dark little cubicle again. Little did I know that Trevor Jackson would be kind enough to etch a limited number of CDs with this beloved mix. I am truly thankful. And you should be, too.

Trevor loves music - all kinds of music. So much so that he couldn't just go the two-turntable route. He pulled out all the stops and went straight bonkers on us. This is a megamix…the only one you'll ever need. No song gets more than 30 seconds before another song is introduced. Let me run a few names by you: Will Powers, Grandmaster Flash, George Clinton, Kraftwerk, Malcolm McLaren, Grace Jones, 23 Skidoo, Tom Tom Club…and that's just within the first ten minutes!! Trevor flies through over 200 tracks in under an hour. Imagine a ten-hour set getting crammed into 57 minutes. With all these songs whizzing by your head, you'll want to name as many of them as possible. It becomes a game after a while. There aren't many copies of this one out there, so act now. However, if this sounds a bit too dizzying for you, check out his DJ Kicks session on !K7 instead - highly recommended.


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