Everything All The Time
Record label: Breakbeat Science
Format: CD
Release date: 22 October 2002

Simply put, this is what drum and bass has been waiting for: a true artist album that has depth and range. Rather than collecting some of his best tracks, which is common for drum and bass albums, Pieter K presents us with a cohesive sound that shows maturity, musical skill, and the possibilities of where drum and bass can go. In order to flesh out this sound, there are some techno/house and breaks tracks as well, which fit in perfectly with the drum and bass. The focus is not on the dance floor here, though some tracks could work in a club. This is music for its own sake.

The influences on this album are numerous and it shows. "Natural Light rmx" is straight Detroit techno, while tracks such as "Trefusis Point," "Under the Radar," and "All Things," have melodies that remind one of film scores, sounds from one's childhood, or modern life in general. It's warm, inviting, somber, quirky, and invigorating all at the same time. This album seems to come from someone with a wide base of musical knowledge, and incidentally, Pieter K plays all the drums on this album, which he then re-edits on the computer to make the breaks heard here. This really adds an element of originality to the whole project and reminds me of what drum and bass was supposed to be about: progression. This is the most progressive (I mean that in the English language sense, not the house/trance sense) drum and bass album in many years. It actually helps to push the music forward with new ideas, rather than stagnate with copies of what has come before it. Hopefully it's a sign of what's to come.


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