Record label: V2
Format: 12"
Single taken from the new album PROPHECY
UK release date: 18 June 2001
US release date: 22 January 2002

Listening to “Sunset” is hearing a culture clash on wax. Nitin Sawhney’s selection is international neo-soul (talk about a term that leaves a bad taste in my mouth…) set on a bed of tablas, lush orchestration, and the London Community Gospel Choir. Starring center stage are the sweet contrasts of vocalists Jayanta Bose and Eska Mtungwazi. Each of the remixes do their own justice to the original. J-Walk’s remix is full-bodied downtempo while MJ Cole brings elegant 2-step with a rough undercurrent. As with everything he touches, the outcome is so much more than simply uptempo R&B. The KV5 remix remains my personal favorite, due to the “undercover” nature of the bass and drums. The slick bass line and the quiet rim shots give the mix a totally different feel than the others, more subversive in a way. A very impressive introduction to Sawhney’s new full-length.

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