"Everybody's Got Their Something"
Record label: Virgin
Format: 12"
Release date: 19 February 2002

Videos are always the worst way to get introduced to an artist. M2 was wearin' this one Nikka Costa video out. You know the one - her and a microphone, "NIKKA" in big, bright-ass neon lights behind her. One of those "it's all about me" videos. I wasn't havin' it. So imagine my surprise when i get handed this Nikka Costa 12-inch. I'm all like, what you want me to do with this? But I give it a listen anyway...

And you know what? It ain't bad. "Everybody Got Their Something" is considerably more laid back than I expected from Ms. Costa, finding its way alongside of Sly Stone type soul. A rhythm box pulses and clicks, guitars and bass lay down a steady pluck pattern, all over an easy bodyrock beat and Nikka's able vocal ability. Gotta give it up to Justin Stanley and superstar NYC DJ Mark Ronson for some nice production. The Magic Remix is sure to get plenty of spins in the clubs. It's the new school R&B formula: throw the acapella over a tried and true hip-hop or rare groove joint from back in the day. In this case, it's Grover Washington Jr.'s classic "Mr. Magic." How something this simple constitutes a "remix" is beyond me, but the crowd will be too busy dancing to ask questions. It's an easy win for the Soundhustlers (remixers), but Nikka sounds at home on it anyway, so who am I to split hairs?

{chloe knuckles}

RealAudio samples: Album Version ||| Magic Remix

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