Build A Fort, Set That On Fire
Record label: theAgriculture
Format: CD
Release date: 1 October 2002

Nettle is the combined efforts of DJ /rupture and DD. /rupture has already made a name for himself thanks to his genre destroying mix CDs Gold Teeth Thief and Minesweeper Suite. Under Nettle, /rupture assists in creating not only original works, but rhythmic displacement. Himself a resident of Massachusetts that later relocated to Madrid, /rupture knows something about crossing boundary lines. The tracks on Build A Fort... create a world not unlike our own: chaotic, full of tension, and various voices all screaming at once to get their point across. So many different cultural references can be found in the music - the influence of Spain, Moroccan vibes, American hip-hop, and Jamaican dancehall. The sound clash makes itself eerily relevant as it mirrors the delicate state of intercontinental relations. This is music that demands to be played loud, but would be just as potent at low decibels. Every bass shred, every low tone threatens to hijack your speakers. There's a war going on within Nettle's beats, and there's no way you can't pay attention. Get hip to the sonic coup d'état with these cuts: "Duende," "Duppy," "Halfstep," and "Chinsplitter."

{steve crognale}

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