The 92 Vs. 02 Collection
Record label: Warp (UK)
Format: 12"/CD5
Release date: July 2002

"Wylin' Out"
Record label: Chocolate Industries
Format: 12"/CD5
Release date: July 2002

Scott Herren has quickly become a producer to watch closely, mainly due to the success of last year's release. Vocal Studies & Uprock Narratives was an album that caused hip-hop fans and IDM chin strokers to see eye to eye while nodding their heads (not an easy task). One of the distinguishing characteristics of the album was that it sounded reluctant to be in full B-Boy mode. Actually it was, but the B-Boy stood off in the corner. Forceful and pounding beats were flooded with digital miscues and bite-sized fragments of the rhymes of MCs. It was a charming and ear-catching tactic, one that still shows up on his most recent projects. Still, signs of forward motion are evident. Herren has become more confident as a producer, and the once seemingly nervous B-Boy has come of age.

The four instrumentals that comprise 92 vs. 02 display Prefuse's ease and accuracy to hit that seductive bump and bangin' groove squarely on the nail. With "Desks Pencils Bottles," the need to nod your head comes first, but the twitch and glitch aren't too far behind. "When Irony Wears Thin" continues this pattern, throwing out snippets of lyrical venom while clicks and cuts fill the gaps within the boom bap. "It Never Entered" and "Love You Bring" complete the quartet with warm, sparkling sounds, direct rhythms, and soul sister vocals in a blender. This EP would've been enough to keep Prefuse 73 on the minds and in the crates of beat junkies everywhere, but his latest collaborative effort might be the one to introduce him to a larger audience.

The "Wylin' Out" single was recently released on the Chocolate Industries label. Here Prefuse supplies the beats for a meeting between Chicago native Diverse and the mighty Mos Def. The instrumental is probably Herren's most straightforward to date - hardly a sonic oddity to be found. In fact, some may be surprised to find out that Prefuse produced this. Driven by flute samples, eerie synths and a fat, funky, pimped-out bass line, this could well be the down low hip-hop jam of the summer. Mos Def is in top form, sounding like every bit of the universal magnetic B-Boy that made us all take notice a few years back. But Diverse is not to be slept on; his lyrical style and delivery makes for a perfect compliment to Mos's charismatic flow.

Even though Scott Herren has released music under a variety of names (Savath and Savalas, Delarosa and Asora), his work as Prefuse 73 seems to be rapidly progressing in maturity and growth. No matter what he's calling himself, keep an eye on this man. He's about to make some serious moves.

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RealAudio samples:
"Desks Pencils Bottles" ||| "When Irony Wears Thin" ||| "Wylin' Out" ||| "Wylin' Out (RJD2 Remix)"

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