"See-Line Woman"
Record label: Verve
Format: 12"
Release date: 14 March 2002

Even if the original version were the only song on this 12-inch, I’d still be set. It could possibly be the most engaging two and a half minutes ever recorded. “See-Line Woman” was committed to tape in 1964, but sounds like it could’ve been recorded yesterday. It’s a wonderful use of space rhythmically – drums, handclaps, flute, and vocals. The original not only displays Nina Simone’s fabulous voice, but reminds us of her genius as a composer and arranger. Along with the original is a ten-minute remix by Masters At Work. Showing the utmost respect for the music, “Little” Louie & Kenny “Dope” decide to build around it, letting it play through twice while adding a cushiony bass line, tickled ivories, cymbal crashes and keyboard overdubs. Most remixes these days tend to be their own entity, having little (if anything) to do with the original. In that aspect, the MAW remix is a wonderful tribute to Simone’s work and definitely one of the finest remixes they’ve done in years.


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