"You Give Me Something"
Record label: Epic
Format: 12"
Release date: 28 November 2001

Hard to believe that ol’ JK’s been at this for ten years now. Once associated with the acid jazzholes way back when, the Space Cowboy’s been in a funkified disco state of mind since at least ‘99 (although strains of strobe lights were showing up in his music even around Travelling Without Moving). If the way to truly move forward is by looking back, then Jamiroquai is miles ahead of the rest. Further validation is given through the remixes of Full Intention and Bastone & Burnz. The Full Intention Mix recalls disco’s heyday: percussion filling in the gaps the bass kick might leave, a simple keyboard riff and vocals carrying the rest. I can see my parents doing the hustle to this while today’s kids bounce around in their UFO pants happily and loft party regulars get their sophisticated grooves on. Bastone & Burnz get more high energy with their mix, applying a hard house edge to disco nostalgia while throwing some progressive twists and turns into the stew as well. Sounds simple on first listen, but there’s more going on here than I originally thought. Catch those over the top strings and try not to have visions of people jerking wildly and striking poses at Studio 54...

{cali ginseng}
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