World Outside My Window
Record label: Epic
Format: CD
Release date: 19 March 2002

Part of me wanted to front on this album. Just cause it seems like the world outside Glenn Lewis's window consists of nothing but one messed up relationship after another. Or something to do with love: feelings of guilt, bitterness, heartache, the usual assortment of emotions. Call me a typical male, but there's only so many love songs I can deal with in one sitting. Still, this is a well-produced album, and Glenn's songwriting skills are superior to many in the new school soul bunch. But for someone who's new school, he sure does sound like Stevie Wonder circa Songs In The Key of Life.

You know I had to talk about the comparison eventually, right? At first, I just brushed it off, treating it as a fluke most prominent on the hit single "Don't You Forget It." Besides, Jamiroquai got the same comparisons when he first started (never heard the vocal similarities, myself). But Glenn…there's something in the brother's tone of voice, that rich quality. He belts out notes with a conviction that's equal to Stevie's. By no means is he a carbon copy, though - Glenn's got the goods to establish himself as his own voice.

Remember what I said about love songs earlier? I'm totally guilty of heading straight to the head nodding R&B cuts like "Lonely," "One More Day," and especially "Never Too Late." Although "Take Me" is quite a compelling slow number, all about a sista with some issues that makes Glenn wish he never asked what was wrong. It goes places you didn't think it would go. And just because Glenn has a sweet disposition, don't think he's afraid to take it to a place called THERE. On "Is It True," he asks the girl flat out, "the things that people say you do / is it true / my man said he hit it too." Dag…I wasn't expectin' that.

Some are already calling him Stevie's successor. I ain't even tryin' to put that on the brother. It's far too early to tell, but he's off to a great start. Three or four albums down the road, we'll be able to judge his musical maturity…and hopefully on its own merit. In short, let Glenn be Glenn. I can't see this head disappointing us anytime soon.

{vic feedle}
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