Jump Leads
Record label: Twentythree (UK)
Format: 3xLP/CD
UK Release Date: 4 February 2002
US Release Date: 26 February 2002

Steve Cobby and David McSherry have been making music together for a long time now, releasing a few items on Pork Recordings before turning out several albums on their own Twentythree label (not to mention the enormous amount of remix work they've done for a diverse number of artists). Jump Leads marks the duo's eighth album together. One would think that Fila Brazilia's work might become stagnant at this point. On the contrary, they sound more creative than ever.

From start to finish, Jump Leads is pure audio sunshine, captured brilliantly by the downtempo quirkiness of "Bumblehaum" and the carnival parade that is "It's A Knockout." Other notable songs include "Monk's Utterance," an upbeat number with a sensual horn section, and "Percival Quintaine," punctuated with percussion. But as fun as the instrumental cuts are, it's the vocal tracks that really stand out (due to the rich tones and unusual lyrics of Steve Edwards). "Nightfall" is especially memorable: "I can see right into your light bulb / as you drip / like wispy bistogen lamps / did you ever see calcium from your behind?" Now, there's an image...

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