Sirround Sound
Record label: Seven Heads
Format: 2xLP/CD
Release date: 3 September 2002

Djinji Brown's been around for a number of years - mid '90s at least - producing, MCing, and collaborating with other talented heads. I can remember him rhyming over DJ Smash's beats almost ten years ago. Some of his instrumental work ended up on various compilations and he even produced an album for freestyle MC champion Supernatural. Brother Brown also comes from good musical stock - he's the son of free jazz saxophonist Marion Brown. So it should come as no surprise that Djinji has released a debut album that covers the entire range of urban music. Sirround Sound is full-bodied, multidimensional, and multicultural, with several flavors falling into the sonic stew. The lead track and single, "Mojuba," kicks off the affair with midtempo Afrobeat while "Abuelita's Dance" is Latin percussion driven house breaks. Brown later dives into a spiritual and hypnotic state with "Chango's House." Never afraid to flip the script, "Apache's Revenge" shows Djinji taking a favorite break through a drum and bass workout. And with all of this rhythmic diversity, he hasn't lost his love for hip-hop, be it rhyming ("Lifesavers") or producing ("Enter The Sound"). Including guest appearances by Fila Brazilia, Asheru and Blue Black, and Djinji's esteemed father Marion, Sirround Sound is a celebration of many ethnic and urban rhythms. Djinji Brown's talent rivals Madlib's, in my opinion; clearly the years of creation and collaboration have paid off.

{vic feedle}

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