Digital Disco
Record label: Force Tracks (Germany)
Format: 3xLP/CD
Release date: November 2002

The mini-conglomerate of labels over at Force Inc. Music Works confuses me. I suppose each subgenre gets its own imprint. Mille Plateaux, Force Tracks, Position Chrome…just exactly where do the categorical distinctions begin and end? Well, they must be doing something right because Force Inc. has been around for over a decade now and its subdivision just put out its 50th release - a compilation called Digital Disco. Not as "glitchy" as Mille Plateaux's output, the artists and tracks featured build from house music's foundation, taking it further into the digital domain but not before a quick stop in pop music's sandbox. Now before you start stroking your chin, this ain't for the brain, this is BODY MUSIC…luscious and ripe for the dance floor. Good examples of what you can expect are Luomo's "The Perfect Lover" (sexy, after hours house) and Dub Taylor's "No Fool No More," one of those "dim the lights" cuts with great female vocals and romantic chords. Technology drives the song, but it's still rooted in deep house protocol. The always entertaining Akufen gets his classic "Deck The House" remixed by Herbert, turning it into robotic two-step. Other cuts are more aggressive in their pursuit for rump shakers, such as Swayzak's "Husky Bitch" - throbbing, tribal, and strangely electronic at the same time. The CD includes one extra track: Metro Area's brilliant "Miura," which still tears up dance floors everywhere. And now a little something for the "why is this track on here?" file: Sylk 130's cover of "I Can't Wait." It sticks out like a sore thumb, it doesn't add to the flavor of the compilation, and…let's face it, the Sylk 130 version pales in comparison to the original by Nu Shooz. That glaring faux pas aside, Digital Disco is a fun listen and will get you moving in no time.

{chloe knuckles}

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