Barbeque Beets: Sunrise On A Rooftop In Brooklyn
Record label: The Agriculture
Format: CD
Release date: mid-April 2002

Can't say that I've been to a rooftop party, but if this is what they have to offer, the time to satisfy my curiosity has surely arrived. The Agriculture is a label that plays host to some of the most strangely soothing electronic music to date, the type of illbient sounds that could only emanate from the underbelly of the Rotten Apple. Barbeque Beets is served up by the audio janitor known as DJ Olive, adorning his chef's hat for this sonic foray. Along the way, one can hear spaced-out hip-hop from DJ Wally and qpe, the altered dub of The Ladies' Man and Under The Sun, sad and somewhat paranoid downtempo from Lloop and Good Time Karl, and the fractured beat scenarios of DJ /rupture. Weyerhauser switches up the tempo with some halfway house, utilizing the soundtrack to The Mack. Meanwhile, Telekinetic Soulmate channels Elliott from E.T., urging a special someone to "stay with me…please stay…together…I'll be right here…" DJ Olive is the perfect beat culinary artist and tour guide, from the intro ("Enter") to the outro ("Exit"). Barbeque Beets is the soundtrack for those all-too-surreal nights in Gotham, perhaps a reminder of the times when finding the party was an adventure in and of itself.

{downtempo don}
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  • visit The Agriculture.

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