My Way
Record label: Force Inc. (Germany)
Format: 3xLP/CD
Release date: 16 May 2002

Anyone who reads my reviews knows what to expect by now. After all, I'm the guy into all of that weird music. I like the irregular, the obscure, the offbeat, and the challenging. Tech house tends to be a bit more straightforward than what I usually listen to, so you're probably wondering what prompted me to write this review. Two words: Marc LeClair. Contrary to popular opinion, I've been known to share a friendly moment or two with some repetitive beats. I have listening cycles, so I'll throw on some minimal house or massive techno, get my fix, and then it's back to my avant beats. This is different, though - I cannot get enough of LeClair's work. Hailing from Montreal, he has set DJ crates and dance floors on fire with a string of singles under the Akufen moniker on labels such as Perlon, Trapez, and Force Inc. With his impressive track record, a full-length was sure to please.

My Way is butt shaking in intensity while very approachable and catchy. However, it's the quirkiness of his songwriting methods that have me intrigued. Each track is comprised of ultra-tiny samples, ranging from speech portions to radio transmissions and other random noise. It supplies an unpredictable element, a constantly fluctuating factor that surrounds the familiar 4/4 thump. This makes for engaging, addictive dance music. Think Daft Punk meets cut-up sound collage and you have a rough idea, but one listen to "Deck The House" will clue you in. LeClair proves just as interesting (perhaps even more so) when he veers away from the dance floor. He bookends this album with a pair of jazzy shufflers, the title track being one of them. My Way is groovy enough to satisfy the techno and house buffs while noisy enough to even get experimental aficionados to bust a move. No disappointments here…this one is stellar.

{steve crognale}

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