Find The Cow
Record label: Delsin (The Netherlands)
Format: 2xLP/CD
Release date: 4 February 2002

It was Aardvarck that first turned me on to the brilliance and complexities of Delsin's output. He remains my favorite artist from the label's roster. Mike Kivits has been a mainstay in the Dutch techno scene for over a decade, but hasn't released a full-length until now. The time spent honing his craft has paid off. Much like his so-called "broken beat" contemporaries Kirk Degiorgio, Domu, and Nubian Mindz (all of whom have remixed his tracks), Kivits has created an ambitious work, ushering breaks into the new millennium. Aardvarck combines the uncompromising fury of break beats with the positive future outlook of techno and the soulful classiness of jazz. Other album cuts explore abstract hip-hop and chillout electronics. At times, Kivits cuts up techno like a seasoned drum and bass producer. With over 20 songs on the album and not a bit of filler to be found, Find The Cow sets the standard for more exciting experiments in future soul.


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