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diggin' on roberta, 1974 what's been said about me...

"keep that child busy...or else you're going to have an intelligent criminal on your hands." - old wise woman in the park.
"you were put on this earth to do lots of incredible stay in as much trouble as possible." - ss.
"thanks for the funk. i needed that." - sage. "you need HELP." - my wife.
"now that afrodoniamacanaut has gotten all the way to the PINNACLE of DJ recognition, do you think he'll go the way of Florida breaks and suck?" - myster twyster.
"i'm feelin' your house sets...and i don't even like house." - about every fifth person that hears me spin house.

fisher price turntables:  technics 1200s for the youngins... january 2006

as far as i'm concerned, it's all about RADIO BSOTS. check out the shows - hopefully, you'll be encouraged to subscribe. new shows delivered to you automatically. no mess, no fuss. consider it. lots of new entries posted to the blog since we spoke last. oh yeah, i finally got a myspace page as well.

welcome to 2006. let's make this year a good one.