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The Anim8or Programs list

Welcome to the list of Anim8or programs! This page contains a list of most utilities written by Anim8or users for Anim8or users. If you would like to add a program to this list, please email me here. If the program has a star (*) beside the name, it means it needs the Visual Basic Runtime Files, which can be downloaded here. To download a program, right click on the link and click "Save Target As". For most of these programs, you will require Winzip to un-zip them. This list was compiled by Banjo.

Particle Effects

Program Name Author
1. Rain Maker (*) Banjo animated rain
2. Particle Waterfall Creator (*)bongle particles to create waterfalls
3. AniTweak (*)rounder create many particle animation effects

Terrain Creation

Program Name Author
1. Terrabuild 3D OutThere Create 16x16 terrain meshes
2. 3D Paysage texel a terrain from an image
3. 3D Paysage (fran硩s) texel饺 un terrain d'une image
4. Mesh Maker (*) bongle terrain meshes from an image
5. Terranim8or Leslie animated terrains, clouds and oceans

Animation Helpers

Program Name Author
1. Randomator OutThere place, scale and animate objects
2. An8helper sirGustav Add a bounce to a sequence
3. Hydraulic Arm Animator MarkAllen85 animate hydraulics
4. Telescoping Bone Animator MarkAllen85 animate telescoping bones
5. Infinite Rotator MarkAllen85 an object forever
6. GI Creator Jonatan create local lights for G.I.
7. WaterGen MarkAllen85 many realistic water effects

Conversion Programs

Program Name Author
1. Ani2Pov Texel Convert .an8 files to:
  • PovRay files
  • MilkShape3d (.ms3d and .txt file with animations)
  • .SMD (Half-Life animations)
  • ASE (.ase)
  • AC3D (.ac)
  • VideoScape files (.obj)
2. an8_2_3ds (Français)Pascal une animation dans les dossiers 3ds multiples

Other Programs

Program Name Author
1. LibAn8Texel .an8 file loader for developers
2. Treegen Ultra (*) bongle Create rolling forests quickly and easily
3. HairGen (*)bongle add hair to meshes
4. An8Fix (includes VB runtime files) VBD corrupt .an8 files
5. Untriangul8or slayer Anim8or meshes
6. Bricks'n'Tiles Christian Begand seamless brick textures. Includes freeware version with no limitations

All programs on this page are property of their authors. Do not modify or sell without permission from their authors.