The Members of ALTAiR
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The Members of ALTAiR

Here you will find the members of ALTAiR and some basic information about each.


AKA - "PaRaDoX"

Erik is the head synth artist/programmer of ALTAiR. He does most of the songwriting. He also designed this website. Erik has been writing electronic music since 1991.

Date of Birth: 12.JUL.1975

Hobbies: Too many to list. Music, of course. Building things, especially electronics. Driving fast. I like being outdoors in the woods or in the industrial side of the city. Debate.

Musical influences: Depeche mode, Tangerine Dream, Information Society, Vangelis, Erasure, The Cure, J.S. Bach, Star Control II (The game that really got me into writing computer music). Also lots of lesser-known groups from Europe, particularly from the Demo coding scene: Purple Motion & Skaven of Future Crew, C.C.Catch of Renaissance, The Flamoots. I would say heavy metal was an influence too.

Writing Style: I enjoy making harmonically complicated songs, I start out very simple with a beat or bass line, then slowly add things. Occasionally, I break down the rhythm to reveal a particular section or sound. I like to conclude the song by removing parts until the song is back to its beginning basics. I use a lot of res/cut envelopes and LFOs, as well as lots of arpeggios. The goal of writing is to put the listener in my world, to create visual scenery and make people think about things they normally don't.

Quote: "The more you try to prove what you know, the more an idiot you appear to be."


AKA - "Bad Bax"

"Bad Baxter Stone" is the flip-out, semi-psycho, pseudo-normal, beta-rookie-programmer, and brainstorming runner-up of ALTAiR. Plays little guitar, and what he can play sucks. Does what little vocals we have.

Age: Chronological age - 21 (no, really) --- Mental age - 35

Hobbies: Inflating my own ego, feeding the "id", dotting the "i", doing anything but smoking weed. Music, of course.

Musical influences: Megadeth, Iron Maiden, Queensr˙che, Iced Earth, New Order, Motörhead, Hümpmuscle, Joseph Haydn, Herbie Hancock, Slayer, Depeche Mode, W.A.S.P., My father: Jerry Rochefort - A locally renouned tenor, Stevie Ray Vaughn, The Cure, and Mystasynth... that guy that looks a lot like me...

Quote: "Not many know this... The reflection in the mirror can outstare you..."


AKA - "Sparkplug"

Always out with some "bomb-ass chick." Once we actually get ahold of him again, there will be his info here...