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Here you can find artwork by Erik. Note: All this stuff is copyright Erik Rosenbladt, and cannot be used without his permission. Some might be for sale, just ask if interested!

Hand-drawn art:

"The Beast" from Technophobia. Metallic gel pen on cardstock. [1999]

"The Beast" from With Inhuman Vigor. Fluorescent pencil on cardstock. [2003]

A drawing of a friend's name. Prismacolor pencil on standard paper. [2003]

A demon-like creature coming out of the ooze. Gel pen on black paper. [1999]

A complicated spaceship. Freehand india ink on paper. [1996]

Not sure what this is. You can tell I like to draw technical stuff. Basic pen on paper. [1997]

Just a picture of "space." Prismacolor pencil on paper. [1996]

Computer art:

While I really enjoy 3d modelling and ray-tracing, I don't consider it to be truly art, so the thousands of CG pics I have done will not be found here. Maybe somewhere else at a later time. What I will put here are any pictures I've done using paint programs or similar tools.

I thought it would be fun to do a pic of myself in the style of Max Headroom. I took a picture of myself, then PAINSTAKINGLY drew polygons as facets of my face. It took a long time, but I think the results are kinda cool.