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"The Lab"

The Lab is the place where we write music. It is our inner sanctum wherein we lock ourselves away for days at a time. While the wind blows and the dreary Tacoma rain pours down, The Lab is the place you'll find ALTAiR.

Contained inside The Lab are the tools we use. It is a hive of electronic and scientific equipment.

The Arsenal

[Old Computers] - None of us have top-notch machines. It is not necessary to have the newest computer to do quality music. Like anything else, it's not WHAT you use, but HOW you use it.
  • Modplug - An awesome piece of programming! Does everything you can do with expensive software, and it's free.
  • Fruityloops - A silly name, but the program works pretty good. Although it's a little bulky, the ts404 kicks ass. Not as much fine control of sounds as Modplug.
  • Impulse Tracker - Probably the best DOS music program out there. Looks good, works great. Even runs under Windows without problems.

[Korg 707] - This little-known synth is a real treasure. While it may look like a kid's keyboard, the Korg name indicates that it is a professional device. The 707 is actually what is called a "performing" keyboard, as it has guitar strap connectors and is designed to be played while being held like a guitar.

[B.C. Rich Warlock] - One of the coolest looking guitars ever. Although our music generally lacks electric guitar, eventually when we get good enough at playing, there will be some.

[Siel DK80] - A great "vintage" synthesizer. Good solid construction.

[Casio CTK-1000] - I find Casio sounds are very plain and dry, without any real raw feel to them. As consumer-level boards go, Yamaha is much better. Mostly, this keyboard gets used for basic composition and instrument tuning.

[Piles and piles of electronics] - Yup, we've got a lot of stuff here in The Lab. Some is old, some is new, but it all works just the same. The best way to get yourself in the mood for electronic music is to surround yourself with electronics. It's even better to know how to use it all!

[Ruger GP100 .357] - For those really tough jobs, sometimes the sound of synth just isn't enough.