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    Hi there!  Some of y'all might be wondering how someone like myself gets into this hobby.  Well, my first experience with MD'ing was on a campout with my Scout Troop. 

    I was 12 or 13 at the time (this was back in the 80's).  One of the other kid's grandfather went along for the campout, and brought his detector with him. I can't remember what brand it was, but I do remember it had an analog meter. This gentleman would take one of the boys out during some free time to help him dig. When it came to my turn, I was amazed at how many coins he would find. Actually, in a couple hours, he would have enough coins to go down to the floating dock and purchase a couple cans of soda, one for him, one for whomever was with him. The cashier asked him once where he was getting the dirty money, he said, "I'm digging it up; I have a metal detector." The cashier stated, "Well, at least it's good money."

    Several years later, I actually got a cheaper Radio Shack detector. I used it around the house, but only found some junk with it, like a piece of electronics breadboard, a .25 shell, assorted trash, etc. At the time, I didn't have any friends that used a detector, so I had no idea where to go hunting, how to use it, etc.... I ended up putting it in the closet shortly afterward.

    Back in 2000, I was at a restaurant eating supper. They happened to have a TV where the customers could watch. I caught an ad for the local White's dealer. Now, I've been a coin collector for years. It dawned on me that I could use a decent detector to find extra pocket change (I save all my pocket change anyway), and possibly find some silver coins. The next day, June 15th , 2000, I went down to that dealer and bought a used Fisher 1235X. It took me awhile, but I started finding things, slowly.  At first it was nothing but junk.  Then I started finding some coins. 

   I am a proud member of  I.T.T.H.C., or Indian Territories Treasure Hunting Club.  You'll find a link to their website on my links page.  This is a very nice club.  I found the members to be extremely helpful to the guests at the meeting I first attended. One of the long-time members taught some "Beginner Hunter's Classes".  These classes were very informative.  I learned quite a bit about how metal detectors work, what techniques to use to find targets, etc.

    I moved to Michigan in Sept. 2002, and lived there until Oct. 2006.  Talk about finds!  I was finding so many old coins, that at first, I thought I didn't have ANY competition!  As time passed, I learned that yes, I did have competition, about a dozen folks.  I guess many of them didn't want to hunt in junky area, as whenever I went into a junky park, I would start hitting old coins like crazy, up to and including 5 Walking Lib Halves, all of which were at 4" or less.  Check the pages of finds for 2002 - 2006 to see the quantity of coins I was finding in Michigan.

    Treasure Hunter's Code of Ethics

  • Always get permission to hunt on private property.
  • Always leave a site cleaner than you found it.  Take at least some of the trash, better yet, take all of it.
  • Always fill in your holes neatly whether you're in a city park or a remote wilderness.  Leave the land as you found it before you disturbed it.
  • Always obey all laws related to Treasure Hunting.
  • Always return valuable property if you can locate the owner.
  • Always do whatever you can to give the hobby of Treasure Hunting the good image it needs and deserves.


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