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1. Thingey

I'd like to start off with telling you a bit about the format of the album. Firstly, as you might have noticed, all the track names are variations on the word "Thingoy". Thingoy is a spelling error that I typed while trying to type thingy. The song title Huht came about in the same way. Secondly, every odd track is a short mini track, and even even track is a proper long track. I did this because I had a heap of good songs but they weren't long enough to be on a album by themselves, so I made 10 mini tracks and put them either side of the proper ones. Other that this one, the mini tracks won't have much description because there is not too much to describe.

A Mini Track

Pretty much just a beat line with other small bits being added to it. A nice way to open the album, I think.


2. Thingo

This song is a bit faster than most of my other ones. Every so often I change the tempo from 140 beats per minute to make the songs sound different.

The loop at the beginning is meant to be the main tune, but it gets a it overwhelmed by the other loops in the song. I've been playing around with the tune for a while, and I finally made a good song with it. I'm very happy with the outcome of it.

There. The first actual song on Thingoy. These are much better than the mini songs aren't they. I recommend you program your CD player to skip out all the mini songs, and only play the full ones.


3. Th!ngoy

A mini track.

A big mess of weird loops all messed together into something weird. I'm glad I only did this for a minute instead of a whole song.


4. Thing´y

The title can also be spelt Thingiey if an Umlaut cannot be used, but you really should take the effort to use one.

Remember how on Experiment I had the four songs starting with Sci-Tech? Remember how these were old demo tapes that I recorded with really bad quality onto my computer. Well, this song is one as well.

This song could have been called Sci-Tech 4, but that wouldn't have fitted in with the title scheme I'm following on Thingoy. I would like to thank Kivaan Eberle for lending me a Tape Recorder so I could properly record the tape. I could re-record the other Sci-Tech ones but I don't want to.

This song is actually the same song played twice, the first time being very flanged. The non flanged version starts at around about 2:43. This song is at a very fast tempo. I forgot what it was, but it is the fastest that Cakewalk Home Studio can go to.

I am trying to do a song in the style of Aphex Twin here. Ambient Techno is the genre I think. Enjoy.


5. Thingoyy

A mini track.

This is simply the full scale of Fruity Loops 3, going from the lowest note to the highest note. Like a really massive scale including all sharps and flats.


6. Thingoy

Arguably the best track on the album. I did this song wanting to make an actual trance song, because I really love trance. I think that it is fairly close to an actual trance song, not exact, but close. Since then, I have done an actual trance song, I think. It is called "12-Bar Blues Project in G Major".

The main tune of Thingoy is one that I have used 3 times in my work, but each time it is hard to tell that it is the same sample. I have used it in this track at 140 beats per minute, in Huht at 350 beats per minute and in Ttthhhiiinnngggoooyyy at 50 beats per minute. Each time it fits in incredibly, and makes the song wonderful.

This song is very special, because this song was remixed by George Hales aka DJ Revelx aka Aspiration. This is the first remix of one of my songs so I am very happy about it. The full name for the remix is "Thingoy (DJ Revelx's REmember Trance Remix)". In return of this remix I did a remix of one of his songs, called Epica. the full name is: "Aspiration-Epica (57^13 Null Bewandtnisse Nicht Mehr... Remix)".


7. Thingooy

A mini track.

Exactly the opposite of Thingoyy. This is simply the full scale of Fruity Loops 3, going from the highest note to the lowest note. Like a really massive scale including all sharps and flats.


8. T h i n g o y

Drum and bass, using a bass guitar loop instead of keyboards. I've been using the bass guitar loop in a couple songs that were deleted, as it is one of my favourite bass loops. I used it again, and here is the result.

A rather simple song. Not much variation, so not much I can write here.


9. Thi-n-goy

A mini track.

One of the larger mini tracks, but still a mini track. Thi-n-goy is a simple kick drum with a heap of bass loops over the top. Could be called drum and bass.


10. Tthhiinnggooyy

I absolutely love this hi-hat riff. I love it. I've used it before in A History of NEOtericus Sopor Medii Proprius in 12 Parts, but that was only in a small bit. I wanted to do a full song with it. I had made a demo with it before, but that was only the length of a mini track, and I wanted it to be used as a full track.

The bass sample at the start is also one I love. I've used it before in Huht, but that was at 350 beats per minute so it sounded extremely different than it does here. I wanted to use it where you could properly hear it. I merged these 2 wants together as they fit together nicely.


11. Thinqoy

A mini track.

This is chill-out. Nice floaty ambient stuff. I'm glad I only made a mini track out of this, because I think I would stuff up an ambient track if I tried to make it any longer.


12. Thingy

The most stuffed up track on the album, and I'm proud of it. It is so weird it's unbelievable. The drums do not fit together at all, but still I decided to use them. Shows you how my mind works.

I also added some miscellaneous sounds to it. They are: Dog barking, car horn, blinds flapping, gong, orchestra finale, bubbles, really annoying police siren and glass breaking. These really don't add anything to the song, I just put them there to make it even more stuffed up, and it did.


13. Thin Goy

A mini track.

All of the synth was made using SimSynth. I made .wav files of them, put them in ProDJ and added drums to them. It turned out quite well.


14. Ttthhhiiinnngggoooyyy

The longest track on the album, which is a very important title to have.

This is a 50 beats per minute, which makes the cymbals sounds really stretched out and weird. The 2 lead synths I have used before, but at different tempos. They sound completely different at this slow speed, which alloys me to use them again.

I'm very happy with how the drums work out at this slow tempo. It does seem like it would make them too stretched out, but it doesn't. One of the best tracks on Thingoy.


15. Thinguu

A mini track.

A load of different synths put on top of a really simple snare drum loop.


16. Thingyoy

A really nice synth, which was originally just an intro for the song. I then decided that it was good enough to be a lead tune.

The drums are stuffed up on this track as well. The first 2 loops don't fit together, and the 3rd is much faster than the rest of them. If I had a narrower taste, I never would have made this track. You're lucky I like just about every kind of electronic music.


17. Thngy

A mini track.

I discovered that on Fruity Loops 3 you can map the "Typing keyboard to piano keyboard". That means you can play the keyboard on your QWERTY keyboard. Rather cool ey? I really wanted to use this, but the trouble is I can't play keyboard. I still made it.


18. Thingeoy

Like the hi-hat in Tthhiinnggooyy, I absolutely love the synth in this track. I had made a demo using this synth a while ago, which was even better than this track. But that got deleted. A wonderful song gone!

I got over the deletion, and came back again to make a track which was almost as good as that wonderful demo. I suppose this synth is so good that any song using it is instantly excellent.

The last proper track on Thingoy. It would be the last track on the album if you followed my suggestion and skipped all the mini tracks. If this was a vinyl you could scratch out all the mini tracks with a pin.


19. Thyngeoy

A mini track.

The last song on Thingoy. Always an important position. If I could make up genres, this one would be Drum and Cymbals. You get the picture.