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1. Ectomorph

The only track on the album not written by me. Phoebe Gluestein was the writer for this one, and a very good job she did. Not that you can tell the difference between her writing and my writing.

I would call this genre "Progressive chill out", because all the loops build up until the grand finale. It takes a while to do that as well. It starts off with the bass, then the backing and then finally the melody. Don't turn the sound up at the start because it is meant to be really soft and gentle.

I liked how this piece sounded without any drums, so I decided to keep it that way. No use ruining what sounds good.

The title is one of the three body types, the one that I am actually. A tall thin sort of person. Apparently suitable for long distance running, which is weird because I am not.


2. Fangles, Zangles and Cangles

Use of b7 walking bass in this song, but as the melody instead of the bass. Whatever.

I don't know what it is about this song, but it just doesn't flow together. Maybe it's because of how I put the drums in, or maybe it's because the synth changes all the time instead of just staying on the one thing. I think it's because there isn't enough drums. You can't hear it most of the time. Most, not all.

However much the title might sound like it, there are no derogatory or mean words in it. They are a way to remember different types of angles in maths. Corresponding, alternate and some other angle I can't think of now. The proper way of writing it to remember the angles is "F Angles, Z Angles and C Angles", but I wanted to combine the letters and angles.


3. Endomorph

The second body type song. This is, I think, medium people. Medium height, medium weight etc. I can't remember if that is Ectomorph or Mesomorph. Doesn't really matter anyway.

This song is a guide on how not to to build-ups. My one is really bad on it. Instead of building up the drums, bass and melody all at the same time I did them one by one, so there's about 2 minutes at the start with nothing but drums. I suppose that is evened out by the really cool synth I used for the bass. Not many people will probably like it but I reckon it sounds really cool.

From the ones I've remixed, I've noticed that the loops for the bass and melody are usually 16 bars long, instead of the 4 or 8 that I've been using. I tried a 16 bar melody here but I don't think it works out as well.


4. 3.5

From the title or the placing of this song on the album there is no way to tell that it is actually the high point and longest song on the album. It is a 30 minute long Rondo, which I will explain below.

A rondo is a term used in classical music, and I have no idea what it literally means. There are as many different tunes in a rondo as you want, in this one there are 4. We'll call them A, B, C and D, just to be simple. The order of these parts goes like this:
A     B     A     C     A     D     A
Get the idea? If there were many more parts, which there hardly is, it would go like this:

A     B     A     C     A     D     A     E     A     F     A     G     A     H     A
Et cetera.

This was the first song made using Fruity Loops 3.5, thus the title, 3.5. When a new version of Fruity Loops comes out, the first song I make using that might be named after the version of it, but I'm still thinking about that. There is a version 3.56 out now, but that only updates a few errors. I want a whole new thing. Version 4.0 or something.

A brief description of the parts. A is the best one, as it should be because it's played most. Uses 2 Atari like synths. B is an ambient sort of tune, and I'm not sure whether it counts as electronic music or not. C is pretty close to a normal trance tune. Maybe the only one that would work on its own. D is crap. A change in tempo without me realizing it, so the notes and the bar length are out of sync. Trying to use the tune I made myself love in "1st ever=Poor (experiment1)", the first song I did with Fruity Loops 3.

There you go. Enjoy my longest song ever, up to this point anyway.


5. Mesomorph

Looking on my page you will see an album and a hard version of this song. Obviously this is the album version here.

The last of the triptych of body type songs. It could be called a trilogy but triptych sounds better and is harder to spell. Being nice, a mesomorph is a short, "more rounded than usual" person. That way I don't mention weight at all.

The first song for Niue that got on Niue. I did a song earlier called "Degauss (Entmagnet)" but that didn't get on for a few reasons. Big electronic drums, a simple lead, who could want anything more? If you're a fan of Kraftwerk that is...