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1. Huht

The opening track on my debut album. Scary.
If N2 was released as a record Huht would take up all of Side 1. It is 23 minutes long, and at 350bpm which is very fast.
The tune at the start is an extremely simple string loop. 4 notes. It is repeated very many times throughout the song. Then there is a build-up of Drums, beats, and bass before the first part is done. Then there are variations on that tune for a while, before another lead tune is introduced. This tune has been used in this song at 350bpm and also in my track Thingoy at 140bpm. Then the middle of the song starts when another tune is introduced. This has been used in 3 of my songs, and it sounds really different in each one. It has been used in this song at 350bpm, Thingoy at 140bpm and also at Ttthhhiiinnngggoooyyy at 50bpm.
Then all of the intro tune disappears, and the build-up of beat begins. Every few bars a new one is added, until it becomes an extremely loud beat. It sounds incredible. I like it.
Then the intro tune comes back in for the outro, and then everything goes away for the end of the song. 23 minutes of pure bliss.

This song came about when I was experimenting with a very high tempo. I was also thinking about a very long song which would take up a whole record side, as done by Mike Oldfield and Yes. I decided to put the 2 together, and Huht was made. Huht is the name of the file on my computer where I keep all my files. Work, music, pictures, everything! It was a spelling mistake from when I was trying to type Hut, but I think Huht sounds music better. Pronounced: Hut-a.


2. Mantra x3

Mantra times three, three mantras, Mantra + Mantra + Mantra = Mantra x3. Whatever you think it means, I don't care. I just chose the name because I thought it sounded good.

It starts off with a build-up of 3 tunes that are all pretty much the same. But musically, the tunes do not fit together at all. One of them it 3/4 time and the other 2 are 4/4 time. If I cared about stuff like this I would have fixed it and this song would be very different, but I don't, so here it is! After the initial build-up I add a few more tunes, and them just variate them until the half-way mark. At the half-way mark I simply reverse placement of the loops, so it becomes twice as long as it should be. It sounds really simple, but I made a heap of mistakes doing it.


3. A History of NEOtericus Sopor Medii Proprius in 12 Parts

55 charecters in a song title. That's a lot. I can only think of one song that has more. "Standing outside a broken phone booth with money in my hand" by Primitive Radio Gods. That has 61 characters in its title. I wish I could do a title like that...

No, I have not done a spelling mistake with NEOtericus. It is spelt that way in this song title. If the song title is spelt "A History of Neotericus Sopor Medii Proprius in 12 Parts" then it is wrong, and I will not be a part of it.

This thing really is in 12 parts. I got my brother, Alexander Holman, to pick 12 of his favourite samples from my collection. Then I made a short piece on each of them, each one being exactly the same length, and then mixed them together.

Exclusive!!!: The 12 samples in their original state, as chosen by Alexander Holman. To download click here. You won't find this anywhere else.

Okay, here is a short summary of each of the 12 parts of "A History of NEOtericus Sopor Medii Proprius in 12 Parts":
Part 1: Intro to the song. Includes some weird vocoder stuff where I don't know what it is saying.
Part 2: Starts off sounding like a Hardcore Trance song, but doesn't turn out like a Hardcore Trance song at the end.
Part 3: Nice trance bit with some thumping beat. Could be the best Part of the song.
Part 4: Drum and Bass thing. Follows the Mantra x3 Idea. Get halfway, and then reverse the layout of the samples. It's good when I don't know how to end the song off.
Part 5: Uses exactly the same Hi-Hat riff that is used in Tthhiinnggooyy. I really love them hi-hats.
Part 6: I really have no idea what style this is. Electro/Breaks or something like that. I found a heap of variations on the same tune, but I found out that they don't fit together very well. I still used them because they sound good anyway.
Part 7: Very simple. A fading away drum track and the same bass riff played in 5 different pitches.
Part 8: A big thumping Drum and bass riff, until it suddenly stops, and then fades back in from nothing. Pretty weird the way it does that, it makes it look like a bad cut-off.
Part 9: Very nice synth in this bit. This bit is most defiantly some sort of Trance, but what kind I don't know.
Part 10: The same bass tune as used in Deep Bass/Homer9, but it is not called Deep Bass or Homer9. Weird.
Part 11: Oh how I wish Crap was a genre. Drum and Bass. Really Weird. pay no attention to it.
Part 12: Nice ending to it as a whole. Also uses the Mantra x3 idea. Look at Part 4 if you really can't remember what that is. Uses the same bass synth as used in Squizzz, a song that isn't yet on an album, so you won't have heard it yet.

NEOtericus Medii Sopor Proprius are Latin words. They mean "Modern Trance". So in English, the title is A history of modern trance in 12 Parts. I would have called it that but I think NEOtericus Sopor Medii Proprius sounds much better. Also, this song isn't actually modern trance, so it would have been wrong to call it that even though I still am.


4. Record

This is the first song I still have that I made with ProDJ. All the others have been deleted, which is good because they weren't any good.

This is a mix of Breakbeat and Drum-and-Bass. I don't know what style it actually is, but I just call it this. This track has a large beat, which is built-up halfway through the song, and then built back down again at the end.

I don't remember actually making this song, so I can't really write much more than this about it. It's the shortest song on the album is the only other thing I can give.


5. Deep Bass/Homer9

Always leaving the best until last has been used on N2, with this really sweet track. I love it.

It started off as a 1 minute demo which was left like that a few years ago because I got bored doing it. Then I came back, and finished it off to make it the marvellous track it now is. I'm very glad I didn't delete the file when I got bored doing it, because if I had the best song on the album wouldn't exist, which would be very bad.

Deep bass is the really loud droning bass that you can first hear almost at the beginning of the track. Homer9 is a more quite droning bass which goes together with it very nicely, like a backing. I couldn't think of a song title so I used the name of these 2 samples.

When listening to it with high volume and a massive subwoofer, it sounds like there is an explosion in the song right at the end. I can tell you that there isn't, it just sounds like it. It sounds rather good actually.

There. The album is finished. My debut album complete. Isn't it wonderful. Also, isn't it amazing how many styles I can fit into the same album, as I can't decide what genre the song is actually going to be.