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1. 1st Ever=Poor (Experiment1)

I'm joking around with the title here, saying that I think my music is very Poor. Well I don't actually think that, so don't believe that the song actually is poor, because it isn't.

This isn't actually my first song ever, it's just my first song using Fruity Loops 3. I had no idea what any of the buttons where or what the good things to do were. I've figured out now, so I won't be doing a song that sounds like this again. It's just not possible.

A very short song. The synth I chose is very annoying after a while. Luckily the song is very short so you don't have to listen to it for a while. Aahhh.


2. Found Copypaste!!! (Experiment2)

A few things I must mention. As with all the songs on this album, it must have (Experiment#) after it, # being the number that it is on the album, and it must be (Experiment#), not (Experiment #). A few things special to this song. It doesn't matter how many !'s there are after the word Copypaste as long as there as less than 3. It can be "Found Copypaste! (Experiment2)", "Found Copypaste!! (Experiment2) or "Found Copypaste!!! (Experiment2). Also, it must be Copypaste, not Copy paste. Copy paste is wrong. Do not do it.

The title is actually true. This is the first song I did after I found out that you can Copy and Paste the tune in Fruity Loops so you don't have to enter the same thing many times. It made using Fruity Loops 3 so much easier.


3. Endingesque (Experiment3)

Pronounced N-ding-esk.

It is called Endingesque (Experiment3) because it uses the same very basic idea as the ending of 2 songs by Mike Oldfield. Tubular Bells Part 1 and The Bell are the 2 songs. What the idea is: A tune starts, and then many other instruments play the same tune over and over, building-up to a grand finale. It sounds very good.

By now I had complete control over the Copy and Paste options, which I needed a lot to make the instruments play exactly the same tune.


4. News Song (Experiment4)

Here is where the title comes from: Just after I made it, I didn't have a title so I just planned to call it "NewSong". When I typed in "NewSong" I misspelt it "NewSsong", so it had an extra S. I changed the case of the letters and added a space to make the title.

The shortest song on Experiment. It's a lot faster than the other ones so it does sound very different. I don't think that it sounds as good as the other songs on Experiment because there are too many layers, and they don't fit together well. And also, the last layer has a really loud echo which overruns everything, which isn't exactly what I wanted. I still like it, but it could have been better.


5. Noisy Isn't It? (Experiment5)

The noisy part of the title is referring to the last keyboard bit that comes in. I wanted to make it a bit louder that everything else but I ended up making it way too loud. Oops. At least it gave me a title, I sometimes have trouble thinking of a good one.

The starting loop at the beginning is one of my favourites of the album. It is so simple, but it works wonderfully. The song gets slightly worse as the first keyboard enters, and then extremely bad as the noisy keyboard enters. At the second part of its loop you can't hear any other part of the song. At the end, after it stops, you can hear everything else again.


6. Almost Thousand (Experiment6)

First attempt at Moby's song "Thousand".

When I first heard Moby's song "Thousand", I knew I wanted to try to make my version of it.  I did 6 tries in total. If you don't know Moby's song "Thousand" I will tell you basically what it is now: It is a song that peaks at 1024 beats per minute, starting off at a normal tempo and then getting faster. My attempts at Moby's song "Thousand" can only peak at 999 beats per minute because Fruity Loops 3 can only go up that high.

I stuffed this one up in every way possible. Unlike Moby's song "Thousand", the whole song is at a tempo of 999, not starting at a normal tempo and getting faster. That is really why this one is bad. Also, apart from just using a loud kick drum, I used a whole drum kit. This makes the drum track crowded and not very nice to listen to.


7. Sci-Tech 1 (Experiment7)

One day in 2002, I found a heap of old tapes marked "Adam Holman" which is me. Most were bad, but a few special ones were worthy of being recorded, and put on Experiment. Unfortunately, I do not have the right equipment to record a tape to a computer very well, so I had to do it very basically. I used this basic recording to add to the recording, using bad things to make it good. Weird,

I can't say much about these the Sci-Tech series of songs, because I can't remember anything about them. I can't remember doing them or what I used for doing them. Rather sad really, because they are quite good songs.


8. Sci-Tech 2 + Unwanted Conversation (Experiment8)

The second old demo tape.

The Unwanted Conversation bit it actually was an Unwanted Conversation when I was recording it. I listened to it back and decided that it would make a good intro to the song. It is me talking with my father, Graham Holman, about what I was doing at the time.

If I didn't know anything about it I would say the music on that tape was a MIDI file. I don't know anything about the tape, so I'll say that it is.


9. Sci-Tech 3p1 (Experiment9)

Hey! The halfway mark of Experiment.

The first half of the third demo tape.

There isn't actually 2 parts to is, I just stopped it too early when I was recording it. Sci-Tech 3p2 (Experiment10) is the full version. I'll speak about it fully there.


10. Sci-Tech 3p2 (Experiment10)

The second half of the third demo tape.

Here is the third demo tape in full. 100% of that tape is in this song. It also includes some vocals that I did because I felt like it. (I.E. Me saying the lines "Don't you wish people would just shut up" and "Be more like me".)They don't mean anything, ignore them. I do.

It sounds to me like I am trying to do Goa Trance here. Not that the Goa Trance is evident in this song, but on the original tape it is.


11. Polyquaternium-7 (Experiment11)

Polyquaternium-7 is an ingredient listed on a shampoo bottle. I have no idea what it is, I just liked the word. I used ingredients from shampoo bottles for my next 5 song titles, because they sound cool.

Pretty simple song. The main keyboard is a very simple arpeggio. It sounds cool even though it is very easy to do. I could do a whole song of arpeggios if I wanted to. I could even call it arpeggio. Just before the arpeggio starts there is a simple progression of Triads. Like the song "Noisy Isn't It (Experiment5)" I made them too loud. I don't care, it sounds good anyway.


12. Octyl Methoxycinnamate (Experiment12)

Second attempt at Moby's song "Thousand".

This is the first attempt at Moby's song "Thousand" that actually sounds like Moby's song "Thousand". It peaks at 999 beats per minute, rather than being at 999 beats per minute all of the way though. That makes it sound much better. The basis for these attempts at Moby's song "Thousand" is that it starts off really slow, then gets faster and faster until it is at 999 beats per minute. It stays there for a while, then gets slower and slower until it gets back really slow again.

Octyl Methoxycinnamate is an ingredient used in a bottle of Moisturizing cream that we have at home. I like the name of it, and that Methoxycinnamate is a really long word.


13. Phenylbenzimidazolesufonic Acid (Experiment13)

Third attempt at Moby's song "Thousand".

At the intro of the recording, I added a line spoken by a text-to-speech program that comes with Windows XP, which is what I use. The line is: Who have selected a Stephen Hawking Wanna-be for the intro of this song. It doesn't mean anything, I just felt like putting it in.

Phenylbenzimidazolesufonic Acid (Experiment13) is exactly the same as Octyl Methoxycinnamate (Experiment12) except for one thing. The beat. In Octyl Methoxycinnamate (Experiment12) the beat is really soft, so you hear the keyboards more. In Phenylbenzimidazolesufonic Acid (Experiment13) the beat is very loud, so when it gets up to 999 beats per minute you can only hear the beat. This small difference makes the songs so different, so it allows me to add both to the album.


14. Methyl Hydroxybenzoate (Experiment14)

Fourth attempt at Moby's song "Thousand".

Like Phenylbenzimidazolesufonic Acid (Experiment13), I start off the recording with a line spoken by a text-to-speech program. The line is: Fifty-seven times Fifty-seven times Fifty-seven times Fifty-seven times Fifty-seven times Fifty-seven times Fifty-seven times Fifty-seven times Fifty-seven times Fifty-seven times Fifty-seven times Fifty-seven times Fifty-seven equals Fifty-seven to the power of thirteen. I added this to show what my artist name would be if the ^ sign was never invented. Glad it was now aren't you.

This attempt at Moby's song "Thousand" is different that all my other ones. All of them, except Almost Thousand (Experiment6), go from a low speed up to 999 beats per minute, and then back down to a low speed. This one only goes up from the low speed to 999 beats per minute, so it is shorter than all the other ones.

Methyl Hydroxybenzoate is used in a bottle of sunscreen that we have at home. It says that it is a preservative, so I at least know what it is used for.


15. Propyl Hydroxybenzoate (Experiment15)

Fifth attempt at Moby's song "Thousand".

This one is pretty similar to the rest of the attempts at Moby's song "Thousand". Nothing too spectacular.

You will not the similarity in titles between Methyl Hydroxybenzoate (Experiment14) and Propyl Hydroxybenzoate (Experiment15). No, not the Experiment part, but the Hydroxybenzoate. Like Methyl Hydroxybenzoate, Propyl Hydroxybenzoate is used as a preservative on the same bottle of sunscreen we have at our house that Methyl Hydroxybenzoate is used on.


16. Methylchloroisiothiazolinone (Experiment16)

Sixth and last attempt at Moby's song "Thousand".

This song can be desribed as drum and bass without the bass. It is a single kick drum, by itself, doing the run from a low tempo, to 999 beats per minute, and back down again. Some will think that this song is not much, and shouldn't have been added. I think that as well. It is pretty weird.

I actually don't know where Methylchloroisiothiazolinone is used, because we have thrown out the bottle. I would like to know, but I think it is used on shampoo.


17. Slow Polygon Quoth (Experiment17)

This song is drum and bass slowed down. Really slow tempo. That is why it is the longest song on Experiment.

This song is loosely based on a song by Polygon Window called Quoth. That only uses electronic percussion. This song only uses electronic percussion. See the relationship?

It's name is rather weird as well. Slow, because the tempo is really low. Polygon, because it is loosely based on a song by Polygon Window. Quoth, because it is loosely based on a song called Quoth.


18. 18th Ever=Still Poor (Experiment18)

Last song on Experiment!

The song is really short. Nothing really spectacular about it.

The first song on Experiment was called 1st Ever=Poor (Experiment1). I am not saying that 1st Ever=Poor (Experiment1) is poor. This song is called 18th Ever=Still Poor (Experiment18). I am not saying that 18th Ever=Still Poor (Experiment18) is poor, and I am not saying that all of the other songs on Experiment are. Some aren't as good as others, but they are still good.  

Farewell Experiment. 2nd album is complete. Cool.