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"On eagle's wings we ride, and in The Rock we hide.

Even so...Come Lord Jesus, Come... Claim Your Bride!"

                                                                                                                  From: "Identity"

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The Beauty of Holiness

We Believe in God


I Owe You a Love Song

Come to Me

A Love like Yours

My Jesus Loves...My Prince is Here

And We Dance

This is what its like Now



The hour, the day, the time escapes us,                                 we do not know when.                                                        But we know... our Lord is coming.                                Christ is coming soon!

Chorus 1:                                                                          We walk by Faith-not  sight!                                            By Grace, in Holy Might.                                                   Even so...come Lord Jesus, come.                                    

On eagles wings we ride,                                                    and in the Rock we hide.                                                    Even so...come Lord Jesus, come..                                Claim Your Bride!   

In Grace, in Faith, in Hope, in Mercy,                              a peculiar people we are.                                                       In Love, in Peace, from Glory to Glory                            reflecting the Glory of the Morning Star!

Our Sword, our Shield, Your Banner above us                we walk by Your Staff and Your Rod.                              We plead - we bleed. We die ..and live FOREVER!         We are the Army of God!

Our hearts made pure, our Armor shining,                          we walk in the Spirit as One.                                    Bedecked in jewels, and beautiful garments for                   We are the Bride of the Son!

Your Treasure hid in earthen vessels.                                 The Grace of Heaven lived on this Sod.                     Perplexed and pressed, harassed but not abandoned.             We are the Sons of God!

Our song..Your Song. Our hearts united                            we dwell in the Life of the Vine.                                        Our weakness...Your Strength! Our failures..             Grace perfected...                                                        refreshed and made whole with Your Wine.

Chorus 2:                                                                        We are Your Kingdom Come!                                             And Your Will being done!                                                 We are the reason You died..the blood You cried!

We are Your Righteousness!                                               The people of Your Rest.                                                     Your Joy, Your Crown, Your Pride..                                  and Your Bride!

We're Your Bride...Hear Your Bride!
























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