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The Original "WIZPOUCH"

by the 

Since April 2000
!!Yes, we are still selling WizPouches!!

NOTICE: "We are not sure why, but at the end of 2005 people are still purchasing wizpouches. We sell them mostly now through our eBay store and auctions for the same price as here. If you can, it is easier for us to sell these through eBay. Just search eBay for Wizpouch, or our auction ID Nutmegpeddlers or our eBay store Nutmeg Peddlers.  . If you do NOT have an eBay account, you still can order through here. If you pay via PAYPAL, we will see your payment. If you mail your check or money order in, email us at and let us know it is coming. Our email address is a paid one, so if you have no answer back then check your bulk or spam. We are on this address all day everyday with our eBay business."

See us on eBay, click the eBay icon on the left!

The WIZPOUCH for Sharp Wizards

OZ/ZQ-730, OZ/ZQ-750 & OZ-770

and OZ-570



WIZPOUCHES shown in Black

Colors available: Black and Burgundy for 700 series, black ONLY for 570, the right was the 290 but we do NOT make these as there has been no call for it.

Thank you for visiting the WIZPOUCH homepage.

The WIZPOUCH is "THE ORIGINAL" custom USA made pouch for the 0Z/ZQ-730, 0Z/ZQ-750, OZ/ZQ-770 and 0Z-590 Sharp Wizard Organizers. It is made here in Connecticut USA, to fill the need for us Wizard users who do not want a "banged up" organizer.


    Wizpouch shown in the "Popular" Burgundy

Made from a durable Textured Vinyl Ply over a soft flannel material, stitched with sturdy threading, the WIZPOUCH is an inexpensive, rugged pouch that softly protects your Sharp Wizard organizer. The snug fit allows you to carry the Organizer as you are used to, in your pocket, in your briefcase, in your car's storage bins, etc.! No pockets, zippers, flaps, clips etc. are on the WIZPOUCH. It is a design to simply protect your organizer without adding a lot of thickness or weight.

Hundreds have been sold to new and repeat customers since we started in April of 2000! We are still selling them today as the Sharp Wizards are still popular.

The Sharp Wizard 700 Series are still selling for some reason, New and used at E-bay.

WE SELL WIZPOUCHES ON E-BAY click the icon to the left. Same cost on eBay, and EASIER for us if you buy them there!


The WIZPOUCH is STILL for under $10 ! (CT USA residents must add sales tax)


Available in Black or Burgundy (570 is in black only)


Go to the WizLinks home page for the complete Sharp Wizard links. We have not updated in a while but there still there. As of the end of 2005, I have not updated wizlinks. The sites there are starting to disappear, probably since the organizer is getting old.


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Last updated on 11/27/05 - this date may not change on the other pages here, but this site is still up and going.

WIZPOUCH Site created April 2000

WIZPOUCH Site major remodeling December 2002

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