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As a general rule, all functions of the human body, without exception, can be put into simple words and described in terms that are purely materialistic. The body is nothing but a machine. If the physical limitations of the human body restrict mankind's ability to evolve it would be as if the fall of the species called "man" had already been decided by a god that doesn't even exist. The information etched inside humans isn't only that which they themselves acquired as individuals. The species called "man" is connected to his predecessors and information has accumulated within him. Therefore, if that information isn't shared it's meaningless. It amounts to nothing more than data. Mankind can evolve, evolve by its own power, but to do that it must first discover and understand what it truly is. What do you think you are? Originally, people were connected to each other. All I've done is to return things to the way they once were. That's in essence what you have done, Lain, haven't you? You can do anything you want to.

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