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Unofficial website of NYU Triathlon Club

NYU Triathlon Club Members
Ramon Bermo image Ramon Bermo

J.P. Cheuvront image J.P. Cheuvront

Julie Denney image Julie Denney

Richard Donnelly image Richard Donnelly

John Eckel image John Eckel

Kathleen Finneran image Kathleen Finneran

Ross Galitsky image Ross Galitsky

Giancarlo Giangola image Giancarlo Giangola

Robyn Nagle image Robyn Nagle

Ericka Norton image Ericka Norton

Jean Palmieri image Jean Palmieri

Guillermo Rojas image Guillermo Rojas

Marcia Saito image Marcia Saito

Anthony Sgherza image Anthony Sgherza

Richard Shadick image Richard Shadick

Ann Snoeyenbos image Ann Snoeyenbos

Aubin Sullivan image Aubin Sullivan

Jonathan Wells image Jonathan Wells

William Veto image William Veto

Scott Willett image Scott Willett

NYU TriClub Race Results
For a complete listing of race results go to the following sections:
2001 Results
pre-2001 Results

TriClub Athletes on Internet
Patricia Buttenheim
Thomas Pennell
Ann Snoeyenbos


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