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How To Use These Mysteries

If you are a beginner at this I suggest you go to my links page & check out other rosary sites online. My collection isn't exactly "concrete-sequential" enough for a beginner.

For those familiar with the process, I recommend printing the mysteries out or saving them to disk. As you pray each mystery allow your eyes to wander from one scriptural quote to another.
You will not be able to use them all (there are more than ten). Pick and choose as the Spirit leads you. You will be amazed at how uniquely God touches your heart each time you use this method.

Feel free to share, recreate, or otherwise make use of the meditations of this site in any way that makes sense to you. All I ask is that it be offered free in honor of Our Blessed Mother and that it may be used to honor her in fidelity to the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church. Email me if you have any questions or suggestions!

God Bless!

~R Mayor

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