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Welcome everyone to my psychedelic-trance inspired website.

Created by psybangas.

The purpose of this website is to document the pursuit of great experiences in the world-wide phenomenon of underground electronic dance music culture.

Mike Munro says "Doof!" Save Target as "ACA story MP3" Download Here!

These pages represent DoCuMeNTaTioN oF DooF & PSYCHeDeLiC TRaNCe FeSTiVaLS iN oZ!

What is doof?

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A collaboration of Musicians,Promoters, DJ's, Artists, & Fringe-o-philes who's goal is To bring the the world's trance music to Melbourne,and Take Melbourne's trance music to the world.

Days until Rainbow Serpent Festival

Other amazing trance events in Australia:

Maitreya Festival Click Here!

More info on parties can be found at:

Trancers Guide to the Galaxy 2008.

Mushroom Magazine Online Click Here!

GOABASE Click Here!

Documenting the experiences fluronaut psybangas

Various Party Pictures can be found at the following links...

Winter Solstice 2003.

Nimbin Mardi Grass 2003!

Earthdance, Byron Bay 2002!

Doof party pictures from Fingal!

Endymion, Belthorpe 24/8/02

Winter Solstice 2002, Belthorpe.

Transformation - Fingal 29/4/02

Wddlic Dftrncs

Palindrome Party Pics from Fingal!

Party Pics from Limpinwood!

Awakening 2002 party pics!

NYE2002 pictures from Fingal.

Earthcore 2001 pictures

Infected Mushroom Live - Sydney Oct.2001...

Spring Equinox doof 2001...

Disco theme party, Currumbin Valley - Dj's Pete, Ryan & Guests...

Initiation - Earth Dance Ritual 2001...

Tree-planting/doof with Synapse, Sprial Munk & Friends...

Belthorpe doof with Travelling Kaleidoscopic Candle Bonanza...

Psychorroboree 2001 -Mt.Tamborine - Peta, Franny & Friends...

Mt.Tamborine doof 2000 - Peta, Synapse & Friends...

Russian psy-trance friends

Links to other Techno/Trance related sites...

Who is psybangas?

QUT Student

Post-card panorama from the beautiful Northern Territory doof location called "East Woody!"

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