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White Light Magic Show

This is in memory of Kim, Charlott and Larry who had so much to do with our show, may the angels be your friends. We remember you always.

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White Light Magic Show Rock Opera Play Script

The scene is in the space ship. The saucer has just landed. The pilot is looking out of the ship.
SHE: "There seems to be war in the vibes worrying me about this foresaken planet"
THE SPACE SHIP: "The people here are wild. They have brought the world to the brink of disaster too many times. Now you find them not only warring among themselves with primative fission and fusion devices, but you see them stripping the ozone layers right off the earth with the sprays they use to cover the stench of death from their filthy eating habits. They fly through the sky on loud and vicious aircraft that pollute the upper atmosphere while wearing the skins of dead animals."
SHE: "Oh, how disgusting."
SHIP: " That is mortal pain, but that is not all. They lie to each other about who they do or don't sleep with, while selling themselves into slavery to oudated economic systems, run by the same people who mismanage the very soil of the planet. They inhale smoke, as a matter of pleasure and intake large amounts of alcohol to pickle their brains and do violence to their psychic centers. They love only money and sell their friends for the price of a social match making, in the place of partnerships. They take anything that some one is not guarding and leave only worthless trash in it's place. The time for judgement is at hand I am afraid."
SHE: "I hope that at last a few may see the light of a new age dawning."
SHIP: "Our people have found a few more this age than the last age of Atlantis. Some are realizing that the raising of children is human's purpose. Some realize brotherhood, sisterhood, and universe requirements. War is abhorrent to many, as well as , pollution, disease and crimes of all sorts. Some feel that man's enlightened state or lack thereof is a third world problem of the magnitude of war, hunger and sexual reproduction. The leader for many is working on, taking on hunger, while enlightening the masses as to cosmic purpose. That man is more than animal."
SHE: "Well that is some welcome news at least."
SHIP: "A band of three people are approaching us now. They are exhibiting mixed emotions but are unarmed. Shall I stun them so they will not worry us by closer approach? I assure you they won't be damaged in any way. The stun devices are just sound vibration that can't be heard but is felt as a paralysis as long as they are in it's range. The field is in their range now."
SHE: "No, we were sent to study their reaction to us, and stunning them won't be normal for their environment. Besides you will always monitor them, and if one should get that violent or excessively frightened, the fail safe built into your working circuits of scout ship occupent defense program would automatically turn on the stun device."
SHE # TWO: "What is the intention of the trio outside, Ship?
SHIP:" Much curiosity and quite a little bit of anxiety about being captured by bug eyed monters. Good thing the people of the North Star Galaxy are not on this mission or their fears would be based in fact."
SHE # THREE: " Who seems to be the leader of the people, Ship? What is on his mind? The person with the worried look is he the leader, or is it the person with the dazed and unbelieving expression, or is it the other person with the happy smile with the shaking hands?"
SHIP: "Their is no leader in them. They are only aware of their emotions not of their inner godness. They are sheep. This is the quality of people on this planet. They are apathetic even to the point of letting a power hungry person devour them in struggles of power and fame."
PILOT: "Ship send working robot # two out to greet them so we can see what they will do. The reactions will not in any way endanger us and may even prove amusing."
WORKING ROBOT # TWO: "Will the work require that the program in my circuits make them to a higher conciousness in your evaluation, ship? Or should the bad dream program be used to confuse them so they won't admit to having seen us?"
SHIP: "Serve them both with also a working over of higher truths and fanatic spread of truth that they can only babble to their neighbors about. They will be considered harmless if crazy.
SHE # ONE: "Well there goes our robot into a world we are afraid of entering because of the risk of being contaminated with the disease of death prevalent in the minds of a man".
SHE # THREE: "Yes, isn't science wonderful when directed to love rather than hate".
SHIP: "Take pictures of this to send home on the universe circuits for your families in heaven. This is a rare moment. Atomic ape meets mechanical cosmic man with soul."
WORKING ROBOT # TWO: (over speaker) "Ship, you bucket of bolts and worn invertor coils don't call me mechanical. I am an Implanted Bionic Android, if you don't mind."
SHIP: "Whatever!"

...................END OF SCENE................................

FIRST HUMAN: "Look how small it is. It looks like only fifteen feet across and about eight feet tall. I thought from the science fiction movies they would be larger".
SECOND HUMAN: "Must be a scout ship from a larger one".
THIRD HUMAN: "Let's get the hell out of here and call the cops. They might kill us or carry us off. Maybe this is a space war or maybe they are going to eat us. This can't be happening, I want to leave."
SECOND PERSON: "Oh, stop being silly. I would like to fly away with them to a world without fears and misery."
FIRST PERSON: "Oh, like there is such a place and these sub-humans are just going to lead you right to it. You're the one who's trippin'!
THIRD HUMAN: "Well, let's beat it. Oh wow, what is that creature coming toward us?"
WORKING ROBOT NO TWO: " Be not afraid. Be not afraid. Be not afraid. Greetings men of earth. I bring well meaning and good intentions from your cosmic brothers and the universe fathers. Peace on earth and good will among men".
THIRD PERSON: "Bull, you aren't even human, you monster."
FIRST PERSON: (alarmed) "What have you done to my friend?"
WORKING ROBOT NO. 2: "Nothing harmful, just a light dose of cosmic awareness, and a good understanding of the law of cause and effect. I dare say it will be a cold day in what you call hell before your friend acts so impulsively violent again without seeing the cosmic reactions in time and space that were set in motion by that type of action. Nothing permanetly physical but every action from now on will cause a stuck in glue effect for several moments."
THIRD PERSON: (dropping board and violently shaking all over) "Ok, you win. Please don't touch me again like that. I saw too much. My head hurts." (dropping to knees and holding head)
SECOND PERSON: "Take me into your ship please Mr. Robot. The people on your planet, are they like us?"
WORKING ROBOT NO. 2: "Hardly my friend. True the meat you are formed of is of about the same chemistry only more polluted in your case. The form of your bodies are identical but the differences occur in that you are only dimly aware of your soul while my people are soul. You die, my people are immortal. You are quarantined on this faltering planet. My people own the very heavens and walk the very stars. Yes, you may go inside but you won't remember us after we leave. "
SECOND PERSON: "Take me anyway."
FIRST PERSON: "It's strange to hear such lack of compassion for others, coming forth from a being who has been blessed with as many gifts as you say you have."
WORKING ROBOT NO. TWO: " Compassion? I do not comprehend! I merely follow my program..."
(Robot leads person # 2 to the ship)

...........................END OF SCENE.........................
SHIP: " I will tell you about yourself. You are destined to become a leader of your people with our help but you will not remember this night for a long time as we have given you hypnotic suggestions."
SECOND PERSON: " Tell me what to do. Tell me my work. Take me with you. Tell me what you want of me. That will be your plan for with the pain of humanity I will evolve into what you are.
PILOT: " You shall be part of a biologic uplift to your race as we have modified your germ plasm. Your psychic levels of awareness this night have been increased to a higher level so you may receive instructions from us. The problems in your life you will solve in a more positive way from now on. Yes, you may fly with us but only when you become like us. - Pure in body, mind, emotions, and spirit. Go now and forget this night for your own good so that your people will not make you a laughing stock. Love peace forever to you. You will use the work we give you as the path to fly right off your prison world as is your birth right as an evolving human. "
SECOND PERSON: " Thank you". (EXITS)

.............................END OF SCENE.............
Months later.....
SECOND PERSON: " Anyway, doctor, I still keep having this dream which I wake up from every other night or so. I feel like I am cold and suffocating and that I am talking to a flying saucer and it is answering me as if it were real. Also there is this robot that walks up to me and takes me to see four angels."
PSYCHIATRIST: " I believe, from all the tests that we have given you, that the recent break-up of your marriage and losing your job have caused you an abnormal level of stress. As far as this dream goes, though, I am going to send you to a specialist in hypnotherapy. "
..........................END OF SCENE..............
HYPNOTHERAPIST: " And then this person remembers these aliens and their command to forget. The last I heard, he was trying to get in contact with every member of his extended family."
FRIEND: That is the most preposterous story I have ever heard. Both of us know that the government says that flying saucers are unreal."
....................END OF PLAY......................

Judge not, lest ye be judged. - the Bible

And the Angels came unto man, called them fair, made wives and husbands of them all. Biblic and era belief.
No one is an alien. This is just one big family. And as all familys have favorites, as well as inlaws and outlaws. There are in towners and out of towners. Nigel once said, "Fish and visitors stink after 3 days. Wellso it is true of these Visitors that won't identify his/her self and carry on like a kind and concerned citizen of the galaxy or "WHATEVER!!!!!" I think there are some issues of child visitation! Sing to the tune "We are family". God bless you all!

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