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BOBBIE: Wind energy \

BOBBIE: What's she doing? Is she waiting for something? I've never seen it so quiet.

WIZARD: She's about to begin her dance of life. (music and dance begins)

WIZARD: The newly formed earth was a ball of chaotic matter, haloed with light gases and exploding withy oceans of molten rock. THis mass swirled and contracted, the heaviest materials sinking to the core and the others finding their place on out to gases at the edge of space. The rocks slowly cooled and hardened. Water vapor rose into the cooler atmosphere and collected in enormous cloud masses that severed the earth in perpetual darkness. The rains fell, boiled away and fell again for millions of years. Finally, the clouds thinned and the fresh earth awakened and felt the sun. (song) There in the swirling depths of Mother Earth, sunlight courted with the ancient sea. From out of cold space life came into earth....beggining the life that is you and me...

MOTHER EARTH: Wait a minute, wait a minute!! From out of the cold of space life came into the Earth. Where did you get this idea that life came into this world like it comes from outside?

WIZARD: Well, uh, what is when the life chemical reaction case "into" being isn't it?

MOTHER EARTH: All you humans think my planet is life infested rock.

BOBBIE: That's what we burned in......

MOTHER EARTH: (Interrupting)If this planet is nothing more than life infested rock then your no more than a cell infested skeleton. My balance of nature is not just some mishmash floating around in itself. Its a network of mutually interdependent factor of the most astounding subtley and complexity, no factor out weighing any other-live or so called dead.

WIZARD: Well to tell you the truth we really don't know very much about the evolution of the organic from inorganic world. That along with-or- certain cultural myths she made it difficult to see how the Biosphere is a result of a certain degree or geological as well as astronomical evolution.

MOTHER EARTH: Right, you gotta think of life as a symptom of the earth and solar system.

BOBBIE: What are you two talking about!

WIZARD: The universe is intelligent!!

WIZARD: The universe is one thing, one conscious being and we are part of it. And life did not appear in the universe or, in this case, on earth until the earth itself, had evolved to a certain degree of balance and complexity.

MOTHER EARTH: That's it.
WIZARD: WEll, then I'll sing it like this:

There in the swirling depths of Mother Earth, Sunlight courted and danced with the Ancient sea. The energy from the Sun, And the matter of the earth, Began the life that is you and me

Then this newborn life, dancing on Moving, twisting, changing, coming together Became the seeds of all That was to come, And the seeds sis grow, on and on.

Each bit of life was one of kind a special and beautiful being Each bit of life is part of a whole Greater than all of its pieces.

Soon life was moving everywhere Patterns of chemistry cells of simplicity from the ocean to the land, the air it did command learning to change with necessity.

Instinctive simple drives were next to come with ageless steps the dancers drew near Partners dipping and swirling, becoming new again. As lizards, frogs and all creatures the did appear.

There were grasses and trees bushes and weeds crabs and crustaceans flowers and bees

Lizards and frogs birds and bacteria cows and fishes lions and dogs

Mice and camels zebras and llamas beavers and badgers deer and mammals

A deer, then in all it's glory, now did appear.

(song ends)

WIZARD: All forms danced on the fittest surviving and instituting patterns; multiplying in endless diversity until, one million years ago the auriol glory of Australopithodins was born. A being that had something more, the ability to asorb and retain the sense impressions. This beings greatest asset for survival was its marvelously sensitive memory, which enabled it to predict the future from the patterns of the past.

BOBBIE: Ahhh, cute.

WIZARD: Instinctivly gradually developed into memory and consciousness. Step by step the interval of consciousness widened to remembarance of yesterday, several days ago, and many mooms ago.

BOBBIE: (drums start) Are those drums??

WIZARD: Probably others of his kind. You see, sounds emerge as symbols representing of action. He's obviously communicating through symbolic rituals.

BOBBIE: Naw...He's doing the boogie.

WIZARD: Look out for the antenna.........

BOBBIE: What happened? I feel so weak.

WIZARD: The antenna, it's fixed; I don't understand; it's a true miracle.

BOBBIE: I wanna get out of here.

WIZARD: You're right- let's go.

While we get on our way into the future, let's hear a word from our sponsor.

(time machine exits)


WIZARD: (from offstage) The planet was now teaming with the life dance. Man, the most highly developed conscious being now stepped foward and the influence of the environment over man was reciporcated by the influence of man over the environment. Civilizations sprang from the fertile valleys and steps of central Asia with two basic premise: One, that nature was a seperate entity to be conquered; two, that progress was the most important product. The civilization we know began around 6000 B.C and spread from China westward to India and the Near East. Cave dwellling hunters died out being replaced by herdsman and farmers.

BOBBIE: This must be the Neolithic Period then,

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