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The human genome experiment

Science Fiction.
When I was born I was switched at birth, with myself.
Since sixteen of us were probably cloned from the same sources, we were practically identical, much like twins. In our case, the sexes were evenly matched. All of us had been taking rotational shifts with the surrogate families. Since there were sixteen surrogate families, there were thirty-two parents. The number of souls involved was forty-eight.
We don't know if our parents were cloned also. Temporal distortions, either part of the process or merely unexplained phenomena, played a part of separating us chronologically as well as spatially.
Who are we?
What was the purpose?
When was this process started for the first time?
Where did this start?
Why was this done?
Imagine the confusion, when the parents would upon occasion find one of us had taken place with brother or sister. Yes we are a strange crowd. Being in telepathic communication at times keeps us sharp enough to assume the new role effortlessly. Well sometimes you have to stare at an item for a while to remember what it is. I find that I can usually stay aware of the important items, and not be detected by others as appearing absent minded. It seems that when you enter a time matrix, the identity molds of personality linger with the matrix. It seems as if you put on a coat and you are in. The keys of the palace are always were you left them.
It hasn?t been easy slipping in and out of a different time space matrix sometimes many times a day or week. Each time I go through I feel unsettled in some way. I have learned so much in the many lives I have shared, with my siblings and parents.
Well who are we? The best guess is normal, human citizens attempting to live and love In the best way we can.

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