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White Buffalo

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The White Buffalo Woman
Miracle: White Buffalo of Prophecies Born in Wisconsin

A ninth white buffalo calf in the extremely small Bison population of today - amazing
Vicki- The odds against that are astronomical

Vicki Abousamra wrote:

Hi Neill,
Yes it is very difficult to be the neutral observer.... the urgings of my heart propel me to do what is mine to do but always, always after much meditation on my part. My heart has never failed me...only my head. A friend of mine sent me this bit of is good news...our world is unfolding as it should. These "sightings" serve as our reminder to continue visualizing world peace rather than "whirled peas", those that are asleep are already doing that. Keep the faith friend...chaos like a hurricane requires a calm "eye" in its midst, great chaos means great change is coming.

Sent: Monday, November 12, 2001 8:46 AM
Subject: 9th White Buffalo Calf Born!

> > Message from Sunny Wright:
> >
> > On August 7, 2001, the Double E Ranch in Vanderbilt,
> > Michigan was gifted
> > with the birth of a Sacred White Buffalo. She is beginning
> > to change colors
> > as the prophecies of the Lakota, Dakota, Nakota Sioux and
> > other Nations
> > claim.
> >
> > Chief Orval Looking Horse, Keeper of the Original Sacred
> > White Buffalo Calf
> > Pipe stated in a quote,"White Buffalo Calf Woman's Spirit
> > would make her
> > presence known as a sign of great changes signifying the
> > Crossroads. I never
> > dreamed I would live to witness this momentous time. Eight
> > other white
> > buffalo have since stood upon Mother Earth. White Buffalo
> > Calf Woman's
> > Spirit has announced her message of support in this time of
> > great danger,
> > and She continues to announce the message in the birth of
> > each White
> > Buffalo-- each one of them a Sign, each one a fulfillment of
> > ancient
> > Prophecy, as well as, a new Prophecy for our times."
> >
> > During this time of hardship, and because of the
> > difficulties we have faced
> > in New York and Washington; I believe that this information
> > is of VITAL
> > IMPORTANCE. Therefore, I ask all who recieve this e-mail to
> > forward it to as
> > many people as possible so that the blessings of White
> > Buffalo Calf Pipe
> > Woman herself may shine on all in our time of need.
> >
> > To see the white buffalo calf go to:
White Buffalo Calf
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