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Hi Everyone,

I wanted to share something that I've been interested in and following for a while now: the Time Wave Zero theory. While there was some controversy over Terrence McKenna as a person, his research and theories are indeed interesting regarding time and novelty. Essentially, he advocated that we have been in a "gestation" period before being "birthed" into a new age - the Earth and humanity evolving to this point in the "time" wave. The theory is that as we go along, time is speeding up.

On the timewave graph, there are peaks and valleys, and going back in "time", these waveform peak and valley points indicate major events or major dynamic periods that are structure breaking or novelty making on a global or planetary scale in the history of mankind. Taking the timewave graph from 1999 through 2012 is interesting for in September of 2001 there is a very tall peak on the graph. In fact, that was the last major dynamic event horizon. The graph I was able to print off last December, looked at the timewave for an 18 year period ending at zero point in 2012 - long enough to accurately predict this period within +/- 3 days. The reason I present this to you all in this group, is that the next events coming up in the next 2 years are May 2003, August 2003, November 2003 - and in March 2004 - it shows a peak taller than September 2001. In summary, according to the graph - humanity is in "labor" - ready to be re-born.

The exact 18 year graph I printed is no longer on the site as it was. It's been re-done up until 2009 and resized to fit the page (the one I printed was "landscape", larger and easier to read - now it's in "portrait"). But it still shows the event timeline....and no matter how it's calculated, it goes to zeropoint in 2012. (I'm probably not explaining this very well). Here is the link if anyone is interested in viewing it - and a couple of other links explaining this theory and the mathematics.

Fractal Timewave: Major Event Horizon Projections

Mathematics of the TimeWave


Understanding the Novelty of Time by Terence McKenna

A critical view of Linear Apocalyptic Thought, and how Linearity makes a sneak appearance in Timewave Theory's fractal view of Time...

Has anyone else been following this or looked into it? I'd be interested in hearing your thoughts.

Peace - Anna


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