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These links are presented, to help in understanding the concept of building a world class supercomputer, out of off the shelf parts.

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The Supercomputer Project involves linking over 200 Pentium-2 - Pentium-4 computers together in a parallel processing mode. Successful completion of this project by Global could place the company in a position of having one of the top 500 super computers in the world. The projected time line for this project is 1 year. After that time computing time could be rented out at fair market value.

Turning the U.S. into a super-computer power

Charts and graphs of market share.

Antidumping Laws Trash Supercomputer Competition

Oak Ridge National Lab Selects IBM Supercomputer for global warming research POWER4-based System Addresses Need in the U.S. for Powerful Supercomputer to Investigate Earth's Climate

Compaq wins bids for academic supercomputer By Stephen Shankland Staff Writer, CNET August 3, 2000, 5:30 p.m. PT

Processor Wars Part 2: Vector Processing

Free ISP Subscribers To Create Virtual Supercomputer Send this Article Print this Article Talkback Related Stories By Tim McDonald NewsFactor Network February 2, 2001 Juno's idea to sell the unused power housed in its customers' computers may be the first such commercial venture, setting up a new business model for ISPs.

Tera Computer Company to Acquire Supercomputer Pioneer Cray from SGI Acquisition Creates a High-Performance and Supercomputing Powerhouse; Combined Company Holds Market Leadership and 21st Century Vision

IBM Unveils Fastest Supercomputer Yet - Will Test Nuclear Weapons Tests By Nicole Volpe

Smarr to Keynote Mannheim Supercomputer Conference

While the semi-annual Top 500 list of supercomputer sites has in recent years been dominated by IBM Corp, SGI Inc, and Cray Inc at the very high end, Sun has been working hard to build its profile in the HPC market, particularly among genomics and other bioinformatics firms that cannot match the level of funding enjoyed by governmental and research institutions with the their sophisticated weapons and physics simulations, but who nonetheless need to acquire lots of computing power to do their work.

CRAY INC. SUPERCOMPUTERS ARE LARGEST AND FASTEST AMONG LEADING VENDORS ON WORLD'S "TOP500 SUPERCOMPUTERS" LIST Cray Systems Average 34 Percent Faster Than Closest Major Competitor On Theoretical Speed Test and Retain World Record For Actual Speed

NEC and SGI Japan today signed a memorandum of understanding on the joint marketing of two of the companies' supercomputing products in Japan.

Linux cluster supercomputer uses Infiniband 14:21 Tuesday 30th October 2001

Using a subset of the Beowulf clustering technology, 17 of IBM's Netfinity servers containing 36 Pentium II chips and running an off-the-shelf copy of Linux matched the scalability and performance of a Cray supercomputer. The IBM system executed a computer graphics-rendering application called the PovRay benchmark

Networking Clustering

By JULIA KING (September 04, 2000) Houston-based Conoco Inc. announced last Wednesday that it has built and deployed a huge, new Linux-based supercomputer to analyze massive amounts of seismic data gathered in the process of exploring for oil and gas.

Open-source supercomputer beats Cray March 16, 1999 Web posted at: 10:32 a.m. EST (1532 GMT)

How to Build a Pile of PCs Supercomputer Peter Bastian last updated: 11 January 1999

Department of Defense to install Linux supercomputer Printer Friendly Format Mail to a friend Computerworld 3/6/01 512-processor cluster for environmental, military research Todd R. Weiss, Computerworld

The Beowulf Project

Alhazred The project's aim is to build a scalable Beowulf-like parallel computer using the newest SymbioSys GNU/Linux distribution and cheap hardware.

The Do-It-Yourself Supercomputer Scientists have found a cheaper way to solve tremendously difficult computational problems: connect ordinary PCs so that they can work together

While our first Beowulf-style parallel computer isn't built out of the most impressive hardware, we got tired of fighting for funding and went ahead with what we could find. Much like the classic Tale of Stone Soup , many individuals contributed to the existing machine*. Because of a complete lack of funding, we used surplus personal computers donated by individuals from ORNL , the Procurement Dept., Y-12, and K-25, to build a parallel computer system which uses public domain compilers and message passing libraries. This system was built at literally no cost.

Parallel Computing Powerhouse Many of the complex problems in this world were once impossible to solve due to the incredibly long time it takes to solve complex mathematical formulas. KiloClusters dramatically reduce computational processing time in a parallel computing environment by providing the power of up to thousands of computers working in unison. Distributed Computing KiloClusters are not only effective in parallel computing environments. They are also a reliable choice in batch or distributed computing environments. Each cluster can be configured to operate the batch software of your choice. Once installed, KiloClusters act in unison with the server, breaking down large complex problems into smaller batch sizes thus dramatically reducing computational time.

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