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Comprehensive, stand-alone Basic compiler for PIC MCUs.

Introduction to Supercomputers

Loebner Prize 2008 The 18th annual prestigious Loebner Prize for Artificial Intelligence will be hosted by the University of Reading on Sunday October 12, 2008.

Our Robot factory is currently producing Android bodies designed as theatrical hominoids. The first units are hand crafted. Since templates are being produced of each model, we anticipate production line assembly in the near future. Some units have been prototyped using automotive concepts of building wooden models, other models are fiberglass Future types will be upgraded using composite plastic, fiber glass, latex and aluminum for the structural body parts. Various skins are being contemplated from rigid to flexible. The design criteria depends upon the use of each particular android. Some will have communications, both vision and audio speech paths. The more expensive ones, the stars have Artificial intelligence as well as dynamic movement. The bit players may be similiar to mannequins but more apparently alive. All will have the ability to upgrade as systems become more available.

September 26, 2007 A.D. Well it has been a very busy month in the robot factory. We went rapidly from our Zeta clone protype, to the ridid Sara concept and now the flexible molds under consideration. We now have access to 8 axis controllers and are system engineering the artificial intelligence modules. All this while plying our other income producing avenues. My team of loyal technicians are daily coming up with creative ideas on how to either humanize our androids or to integrate them into human society.

We add product lines and links each day on our sites and have seen sales pick up on the internet.

Humanoid Robotics Laboratory!

Acoustic signal transmission with insertion signal for machine control

No Keyboard Necessary, Teach Your Bot with Gestures

RobotBusinessPlanVoice.wav AI Female Android Voice Talking about our draft copy business plan.

Road Show pictures Louisville Dec. 1, 2007

Visions of the Future!

Living off the grid. Prototype of Robot Farm energy systems.

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